GTranslate vs ConveyThis: Comparing Translation Solutions

GTranslate vs ConveyThis: A comprehensive comparison of translation solutions to help you choose the best fit for your website.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

So you have started your own business and have been working on several marketing strategies to promote it and maybe you have achieved such success you may want to grow your audience. But what does it mean exactly? Are you planning to grow your audience locally or globally? What would be the best strategy? Where could you start? It is not a secret for anyone that there is nothing similar to the 100% perfect strategy, that is why flexibility and adaptability are factors to keep in mind in your plan. It is important to remember how essential knowing your customers is, what they like, their interests, what they like about your products or service, and all those details that would make them come back to your website for more.

Getting to know your audience takes extensive research, questions, interactions if possible and depending on your strategy, you may want to measure your results and determine whether you need to adjust the strategy or keep growing your market. For further information regarding targeting a new market or any other related topic, you can visit the ConveyThis blog.

When targeting your audience there is a particularly important detail you should consider, this new target market may speak a different language and come from a whole different country and that means your strategy should adapt to these new features. If you think about it, maybe this is the moment for your business to evolve, with a new language as a new challenge, you may need to translate your website in order to make it 100% useful, productive and interesting to your potential customers. Here is where a translation service software sounds like the best option for your website to be finally shared with your new audience.

If you have tried to find a translation service software to translate your website, you probably realized there are several companies offering the service and no matter what your business needs are or the type of business you have, the first impression is everything when acquiring new customers and building loyalty so the accuracy of the information you offer on your website is essential.

As you have probably seen in the ConveyThis blog posts, there are some aspects about the translation to be considered so you can choose the proper tool and today I would like you to understand what GTranslate and ConveyThis would do for you.


– GTranslate offers a free version that will not allow you to edit your translations so you will see the automatic translation on your website. This free version won’t let you use multilingual SEO because your URLs won’t be translated and this would definitely affect your website when it comes to SEO performance.

– When you keep your website private because you’re not ready to go public yet, you may need your translation and this isn’t an option for GTranslate, also, users won’t be able to use the search in their native language on your eCommerce store.

– The setup is basically downloading a zip file.

– Translations are accessed by a visual editor only.

– There’s no access to professional translators, they are made via Google Translate and sharing options are available only on the paid plan.

– Gtranslate team will help you for customization on language switcher. This switcher isn’t optimized for mobile.

– Translation on URLs are available from $17.99/mo.

– Free 15-day trial with all the features of a paid plan.


– It has free version for 2500 words to be translated, more words in comparison to any other software.

– Quick and easy plugin install.

– Professional translators are available on request.

– Uses Microsoft, DeepL, Google and Yandex depending on the language.

– Translated pages can be shared on social media.

– Mobile optimized translation.

– Translated URLs or dedicated URLs.

– Offers a better price per plan in contrast to the competitors.

If these features define a product that sounds like a good option to give this service a try, don’t wait too long to visit their website to find out more about their translation services. But what if you still have doubts and want to try it for free, is it possible? The answer is: yes! Once you register a free account at ConveyThis, activate the free subscription and login, you will be able to translate your website, click here for more details.

In conclusion, we can say that whenever you decide to go global, a good research will allow you to know your audience but a good translation is essential to let your customers know you better. It could make a difference in customers’ decision to come back to your website or spread the word about your products, services, customer service and even the delivery service. To obtain those great reviews you want, nothing better than a clear message on your target audience’s language, this is when human translation works a lot better and more accurate than machine translation, so my best suggestion is: look for a native speaker and a great translation software that also use human translation.

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