Finding the Best Website Translation Services Online: How to Do It with ConveyThis

Finding the best website translation services online: How to do it with ConveyThis, utilizing AI for accurate and reliable solutions.
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Conveythis demo
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Running a successful business takes time, talent and of course, the proper strategies to show your products and get the desired attention from your regular and potential customers. Keeping your audience interested seemed to be an art you learn with time but what happens when the challenge is global and your audience speaks another language(s)?

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Most of our loyal customers may share their experience with others through social media channels, emails and some of the links that will probably be included on their posts could be our website url, the product url, our contact information and more, which means these global networks help spread our words to the rest of the world and those interested in our services or product will easily find us online.

One aspect we should consider when “talking” to our customers is making the message as familiar as we can to them, in their own language. This personalizing process will make your customers feel “home” when they land on your website, not only will they feel as part of the team but also, that you care about what they have to say and how they feel about your products.

Online stores are great examples of how things could go global easily and how quick your products can be found by a new audience whether they live in your country or you may need to migrate the business or the message into a new target country.

Finding the best match for your website translation isn’t that simple, you may surf the web looking for the proper companies that would support your business through translations and the truth is that at times, we don’t think what happens behind the screen and how the website is actually translated, let us talk a bit more about it.


When we talk about Website Translation, what does it really to get your site translated?

This process starts by finding the correct translation source, whether it is a translation company, professional translator or machine translation and the website integration which is basically the possibility to provide localized content in a different language.

If you have read our articles before, you probably know how beneficial human translation is when we need accuracy vs the quick machine translation benefits.

Machine translation has a very special role when it comes to website translations, you could use an automated translation program (Google Translator, DeepL) or a WordPress plugin (ConveyThis). Automated translation reduces the time the process will take, I dare to talk about the ConveyThis plugin because it is accurate, easy to install and apply and human translation would also be part of it, which means, there’s no way we could go wrong with them.

Professional translators add their talent to our website in different ways. Accuracy comes with their ability to reproduce our message into their native language at that “native’ level your customers would expect.

Remember how important it is to make your customers feel “home” when they land on your website, familiar phrases, that language nuance, coherence, grammar, context and cultural aspects you need to be perfectly transmitted to your audience, are part of the magic a professional translator would bring to your project. Will this take some time? Yes and although some may think it’s a disadvantage, let me say, it is completely worthy if professionalism is what you want to show to this new target market.

When it is time to import your translation in your website, if you used a professional translator, you will need to register versions of your domain with the country code top-level domain for your target country. It is important to verify there are no missing accents, characters or symbols in your content once it is imported. Accuracy is the key to deliver a perfect message.

Until now you have read about the importance of translating your website and a few basic concepts to help you understand how this is done by professionals, machines and website translation service companies but once your translation is done and uploaded, what’s next?

Well, we have the words, the message, the design, a great website and now all your need is to be seen. A great marketing strategy must be already in your plan, this website is meant to be visited by thousands and one of the best ways to make it happen is optimizing your SEO strategies, when you go through a website translation process your SEO turns into a multilingual one too, which means you will be easily found by new keywords on search engines in your target market.

If the idea of multiple websites sounds too challenging or complicated for your business plan and your website is built on WordPress, you may want to ease things by using a plugin to help you translate it in a matter of minutes without creating new domains for your new target language (s).

Here is where we can finally talk about finding the proper online website translation service provider.

A multilingual solution for your WordPress is the ConveyThis plugin.
As you have probably read in our previous articles, there are several ways we can help you with your translations, from simple paragraphs to your entire website, ConveyThis has a plan for what you need.

We have the possibility to let you translate up to 2,500 words, as well as translating your website into 1 target language for free, this is possible by creating an account on our website and activating a free subscription. If your intention is to have a multilingual website, we have the best plans in contrast to our competitors.

As part of the integrations, you will find at ConveyThis website, there is the plugin for WordPress.

How do I install ConveyThis plugin in my WordPress?

– Go to your WordPress control panel, click “Plugins” and “Add New”.

– Type “ConveyThis” in search, then “Install Now” and “Activate”.

– When you refresh the page, you’ll see it activated but not configured yet, so click on “Configure Page”.

– You will see the ConveyThis configuration, to do this, you’ll need to create an account at

– Once you confirmed your registration, check the dashboard, copy the unique API key, and go back to your configuration page.

– Paste the API key in the appropriate place, select source and target language and click “Save Configuration

– Once you’re done, you just have to refresh the page and the language switcher should work, to customize it or additional settings click “show more options” and for more on the translation interface, visit the ConveyThis website, go to Integrations > WordPress > after the installation process is explained, by the end of this page, you’ll find “please proceed here” for further information.

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Some of the benefits of multilingual solutions ConveyThis offers:

– Website Word Counter
– Free Website Translator
– Translation Memory
– Online Translation
– Several Integrations
– A blog with valuable information for translations and ecommerce solutions

It is important to highlight the fact that ConveyThis provides not only machine translation, for your 100% satisfaction, they will make sure human translation is part of the process, because they know how much accuracy is required in any website, you can trust their instant website translation uses neural networks just like Google Translator, DeepL, Yandex and other machine translation providers.

If you need to edit any details on your translations, they provide a powerful visual editor so making changes will be easier than we thought.

Optimizing your SEO wouldn’t be a problem, since localizing your content is also something ConveyThis covers, your potential customers will easily find you online and in multiple languages. This way you will increase the traffic and therefore, your sales.

In conclusion, we may spend some hours making our research about the companies that would be our best chance to translate our online world to the eyes of those who will be interested in getting to know you and your business better. No matter the company you choose, make sure all your questions and doubts are answered before you hire the service, understand the how process will be done and the time it will take or if you can do it in a matter of minutes thanks to plugins or any possible option this companies may give you. The most important detail here is that you want a good translation because this will be your “face”, your “ID” to this new target market.

Once you see the results of a great translation on your website plus all the marketing strategies you will apply, it is fair to say your customers will be glad to read your updates and learn about your product in their own language, if not, try to think of your own customer feeling whenever you visit another company’s website, putting yourself in your customers shoes is a good way to know what expect and where to generate positive changes to improve your performance customer experience and increase your sales.

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