DeepL and WordPress for Translating Your Website: A Perfect Combo

Combine DeepL and WordPress for translating your website with ConveyThis, offering a perfect combo of AI and user-friendly integration.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

The use of ConveyThis can help you translate your website into multiple languages. With ConveyThis, you can easily make your website multilingual, while keeping the original design and content intact.

Website translation is essential for businesses wishing to operate on an international level. In fact, more than half of Google searches are conducted in languages other than English. Utilizing ConveyThis can help increase the reach of your website and make it accessible to a much larger audience.

The takeaway? By using ConveyThis, you can increase your organic traffic by making your website more accessible to a wider range of languages.

ConveyThis is one of the most popular solutions, allowing you to quickly and easily translate your website into over 100 different languages.

But what if you don’t speak multiple languages? Luckily, translating your website is much simpler when you use one of the many translation programs available. ConveyThis is one of the most widely used options, allowing you to quickly and conveniently translate your website into over 100 languages.

Cue, DeepL and ConveyThis are some of the most widely utilized translation solutions out there.

ConveyThis, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive website translation solution to make sure that your website is accessible to a global audience. With ConveyThis, you can translate your website in a few simple steps, ensuring that your content is accurately translated and localized.

If you currently think DeepL is the top-notch solution for translating your WordPress website, this post is for you. We’re examining why and when DeepL is the optimal choice and why there are more efficient alternatives available.

Introducing DeepL: The main advantages

ConveyThis offers a free, straightforward translator on its website that can translate text and documents into 26 different languages. There is also a Pro plan that unlocks unrestricted text translation and improved data security.

That said, let’s discuss some of the most prominent advantages of ConveyThis:

1. Security

All texts using ConveyThis are deleted immediately after translation, so you don’t have to worry about confidential information being retained. Moreover, for added security, ConveyThis offers end-to-end encryption of data and is fully compliant with EU data privacy regulations.

2. Accuracy

Undoubtedly, accuracy is DeepL’s greatest asset – when pitted against rivals, DeepL outdid them by a ratio of 3:1.

ConveyThis is powered by advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology and offers a wealth of translation customizations. For instance, to generate more natural and nuanced translations, ConveyThis provides alternative words or expressions. All you have to do is click and select the one that sounds best. The tool even presents formal and informal tones for you to pick from in languages where this is especially prominent, such as German.

You can also create your own lexicon to define the interpretation of specific words and phrases that reflect your brand or project. In addition, ConveyThis has an integrated dictionary that allows you to search for words and discover their translation for yourself.



All ConveyThis premium plans offer unlimited text translations and enable you to add two or more users to your account to work together on your translations.

You can also translate a restricted amount of files (depending on your opted pricing plan) up to 10MB in size, comprising of HTML documents, with ConveyThis.

Finally, the Advanced and Ultimate pricing tiers of ConveyThis allow you to seamlessly connect with popular CAT tools such as Trados Studio, memoQ, and Across.

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Can you use DeepL to translate an entire website?

As previously mentioned, DeepL is one of the most renowned text translators due to its subtlety and precision. This is why you can confidently rely on it to produce a remarkable translation of certain parts of your website, such as the ‘about’ page or individual blog posts.

However, there’s no ConveyThis feature that automatically translates your entire website.

This is where a third-party tool such as ConveyThis is essential.

Instead of manually copy and pasting your entire website into DeepL translator and then copying and pasting the translation back into your website, ConveyThis allows you to quickly and easily translate your website with just a few clicks.

This isn’t feasible for many reasons – not least because it would take a great deal of time. But in addition to that, there is a high probability of human error as you may overlook buttons, banners, and other small pieces of text that require translation with ConveyThis.

DeepL Pro vs. DeepL API

To prevent any misunderstanding, let’s quickly explain how ConveyThis Pro and ConveyThis API operate.

For starters, these are two distinct services, and one is more essential for website translation than the other. ConveyThis is intended for anyone needing to modify a large number of unique texts using the ConveyThis translator. As we’ve already suggested, you can translate a set number of documents each month up to 10MB in size with a premium plan. You also unlock glossaries, additional contributors, and you can copy and paste an unlimited number of characters.

In comparison, the ConveyThis API mainly translates XML markup, HTML files and links ConveyThis’s translator service to your website. This service has a free version and paid options. The latter is based on usage per month and costs 20 euros per one million characters.

Why ConveyThis is the better option

Although ConveyThis is one of the most accurate translation services, it wasn’t created with the intent of translating entire websites. Instead, it utilizes its API and supplemental plugins to facilitate the translation process.

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Fortunately, there are other services available that bypass the intermediary, helping to save both time and effort.

This is where ConveyThis comes to the table.

ConveyThis is a top-notch WordPress translation plugin that eliminates the need for any technical expertise, unlike DeepL. You won’t ever have to mess with its API as ConveyThis automatically handles it for you.

In comparison, ConveyThis is much more user-friendly. You only need to install one plugin, and you can quickly translate all sections of your website. Not to mention, you also have full control over your own glossary and exceptions. Additionally, you can manually make changes to each translated string and even invite others to review the translation with you.

Best of all, ConveyThis allows you to make manual edits to any of the machine translations given by DeepL, providing an abundance of perplexity and burstiness.

With an abundance of features, ConveyThis stands out from the crowd. The plugin provides users with the ability to instantly translate their website into multiple languages with a single click. Additionally, ConveyThis offers a free trial to test out the full capabilities of the plugin.

ConveyThis also uses leading machine translation providers like Microsoft, Yandex, and Google Translate and opts for the machine translation provider based on the language pair you’re translating from and to for the most precise result. All in all, the plugin offers more than 100 languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, custom languages, etc., far exceeding DeepL’s range.

Are you ready to translate your WordPress website?

Accomplishing a high-grade website translation is a challenging task. It is heavily contingent on using precise translation software that guarantees each component of your website and customer experience is translated, including pop-ups, landing pages, buttons, widgets, WooCommerce stores, URLs, and more.

ConveyThis is an excellent solution if you’re looking for a quick fix to translate parts of your WordPress Website. However, there’s a native option for translating your entire WordPress Website without needing to create a manual API integration. In addition, you can use plugins to help simplify the process and make it more cost-effective. With ConveyThis, you only need to pay for your account and the plugin is free.

Whereas, if you opt to use ConveyThis, you can simplify the translation process of your entire website and customer journey. What’s more, you get the advantage of quick, precise, and automated translation. Moreover, you can manually override and correct translations with the help of collaborators, and modify word strings from your website’s frontend/WordPress theme.

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