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Boost your Weebly site rankings with multilingual SEO strategies from ConveyThis, leveraging AI to enhance your global online presence.
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Looking to Boost your Weebly Site Rankings – Here we have listed the Six Best SEO Tools for You.

Many people seem to get tensed or terrified when they hear the word ‘SEO’. Is this similar to your own feeling? If you answer yes, you should not only carefully go through this article but you also should apply all suggestions thereof. Reason why some dread Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that they thought of it as a non-realistic option that is difficult to comprehend. Interestingly as a matter of fact, you will be glad to know that, it is quite simple than it appears and you should not be disturbed about it. You can save yourself a deal of money and time that would possibly come with worrying. Boost weebly site rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is a very simple concept that focuses on a simple goal. When visitors of internet uses search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, DuckDuck Go, Yahoo etc. you will likely want your website to be visible thereby increasing visitors’ traffic on your site. Available around the internet are effective SEO tools that ease the process of getting your website rated among the first few appearances on search engines. With SEO, you can even make your web page to appear first on the search engines.

In this article, we will discuss six (6) major best tools of SEO that can help you to Boost weebly site rankings. These tools will help you create, manage and generate traffics and improve your sales.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

First on the list of SEO tools we will be considering is Google webmaster tool because it is expected that you use this as your number one tool when you want to initiate your first publishing on the site. When you submit a Site Map, you can use Google webmaster to not only substantiate your site but it can also allow Google indexing of your web pages.

Follow the steps below to verify your website:

  • Go to your Search Console account and login.
  • After you login, you will find Add property button beside a box
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  • In that box, enter your Site’s URL and then click the red button i.e. Add property. You will see a congratulatory message informing you that you have added your website successfully to your console account.
  • Next you will have a verify account options. Here you will find more than one option but the most recommended by Weebly is the HTML tag option. Select this.
  • Copy the code provided. Go to your HTML editor in your Weebly’s webpage and paste the code under the <Head> section of the HTML.
  • Click save and publish the updated code. Visit your Weebly ’s homepage and discover it has been verified.

To submit your Site Map, follow these steps as well:

  • Enter into your dashboard
  • Select Site Maps
  • Choose Add site map
  • In the available box, add sitemap.XML
  • Save this by clicking Submit. It sometimes takes more days for effect.

2. Verify your website with Antiviruses

You can do these my employing the services of two of, arguably, the most popular antiviruses. These are Macfee and Norton. Although, if you have already published and selected a sub-domain of Weebly as your site it is not a requirement because your website will directly use the safety ranking of Weebly. By verifying your website with these antiviruses, the rate at which your click through progresses, drastically increases because your website appears as a trusted site when there is any search on Google.

To rate and verify your website on Macfee, do the following:

  • Visit the Macfee website
  • Choose your product.
  • Supply your URL and
  • Submit
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This process is quite simple than that of Norton. To verify and rate your website on Norton, follow the steps below:

  • Visit Norton Webpage and click on sign-in.
  • On your profile, select Site dispute.
  • Then click add site
  • You will find a space where you should input your web URL
  • Click on meta data verification
  • In the header, paste the codes
  • Then, you can publish the site. After which you should click verify now.
  • You can finally select the rate my site  option but you will wait for weeks for it to take effect.

Verifying and rating your website with Macfee is quite simple and easy when compared to using Norton for the same task.

3. Use PowrFAQ

Have you ever heard of PowrFAQ before? If yes, you are not alone because to some the name sounds strange. However, PowrFAQ is a valuable platform, or rather tool, that can help you generate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for your Weebly’s website. 

When most people searches the internet, they are looking for information as well as suitable answers that wets the appetite of their curiosity. Now, think of it. If any or some of the questions answered on your website under the frequently asked question section ids related to what a visitor of the web desires, there is every tendency that the visitor will want to check on your products. This SEO ranking improvement is achievable when you include special keywords in answers that solve the problem of your potential customers.

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Using PowrFAQ, you can create not only media responsive web pages but also you will be able to link it up with images, video files and other links.

This software is free, though with limited access. To enjoy unlimited access to the incredible services provided by this wonderful tool, you will be paying $2.99 which is quite affordable and cheap. Start using this software by downloading it on Weebly’s page.

4. Use Site Booster

As the name suggests, Site Booster, simply boosts your engagements on your website. This is an SEO tool that makes publishing of the features and information of your business in the right places possible. Sit Booster does this by reviewing sites and allows publication in business directories as well as search engines.

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Site Booster ensures that your website is unhidden and discovered when there is a local search. It also makes integration with other online platform seamlessly possible. Online platforms such as Whatsapp, Pinterest and Map can be integrated with Site Booster. According to information from its page, Site booster makes visibility of your business on the website possible.

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Site booster offers two free listings. With these free listings you can gain access to free plans. However, you will have to pay to enjoy exclusive offers. For such an advance listings, you will be required to get an upgrade which comes with a $6.99 per month fee. Kindly visit Weebly’s App center to download and start using this awesome software. Boost weebly site rankings.

5. Use Buzz Sumo

Buzz Sumo is a marketing strategy SEO tool that helps you to create high valued content that eases troubles that might be facing potential buyers of your goods and services. Since content is essentially the most vital part of Search Engine Optimization strategy, it is therefore advisable that you use Buzz Sumo in blogs’ post compilation. The Buzz Sumo tool helps you to keep tab on which among your contents are doing wonderfully well across different platforms, competitors and topics. It helps marketers to see for themselves the reality of what content sinks or works.

weebly site rankings

Not much is needed to know how Buzz sumo works. You will notice a box on the web page of Buzz Sumo. Type into this space the keyword you want to rank to see if it is popular or which of its contents is popular. Then start thinking on how to make wise use of the articles found. You may decide to rephrase the theme, title or topics of such blogs and try to work more on them to make your own article unique. For example, you may found an article captioned “Five (5) websites that that business owners need to visit”. You can rephrase this caption and broaden its concept by using “Grow your business through these ten (10) amazing websites” as a new topic. Although this SEO tool is free, there is limit to numbers of keywords you can search per day. To enjoy the unlimited access, you will be charged $99 per month for a premium plan upgrade. Boost weebly site rankings.

6. Use Moz

Moz, developed by Rand Fishkin, is a valuable SEO tool. This tool offers a smart way to handle SEO. Auditing of sites, tracking of ranks, analysis of backlinks, and key word research are some of the SEO solutions you can grab hold of while using Moz.

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It offers a Free 30 day Trial after which you will have to pay $99 each month to have the access to unlimited services. Boost weebly site rankings.

Finally, even though many people may get tensed or terrified of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it appears to be challenging yet when you try the above listed, highlighted tools and get acquainted with them, you will discover that your Weebly’s website will not only become quite visible but it will improve and enhance your SEO. Have you used or already started using any of the tools? If not, you should start immediately.

Please leave us any comments or questions below and our support team at ConveyThis will be in touch with you! Boost weebly site rankings.

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