3 Steps to Mastering E-commerce Localization with ConveyThis

3 steps to mastering e-commerce localization with ConveyThis, ensuring your online store resonates with international customers.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

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Expanding your ecommerce into foreign markets can be a risky move if you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure localization. For instance, if you have an ecommerce business based in the US and are looking to expand into Japan and China, you must localize your website to increase your chances of success.

To ensure a successful localization of your ecommerce across multiple language, logistical, and cultural boundaries when expanding into a new market, ConveyThis offers a three-step approach.

Localizing your ecommerce site is an ambitious undertaking that encompasses everything from translation to delivery logistics. You may have to bring in a design and development squad to assist with certain steps. Fortunately, the initial step of localization, translation, can be accomplished within minutes. Get started translating your site free of charge right away with ConveyThis.


Step 1: Translate your ecommerce website

The first step of localization is transforming your ecommerce website into its new language. To do this quickly and effectively, it is best to use translation software that offers both machine and human translations.

Knowledge.kaltura.com chose ConveyThis to provide their international customers with a superior experience. With this decision, they have unlocked a world of possibilities for their business. They now have the ability to communicate with customers in their native language and discover new markets that were once out of reach.

Knowledge.kaltura is an innovative French eyewear brand that eliminates the middleman by producing, designing, and marketing its own collection. With a desire to expand internationally, they chose to utilize ConveyThis to translate their website into 5 languages.

Using ConveyThis, Knowledge.kaltura was able to swiftly localize their website into multiple languages. (ConveyThis offers translation into over 100 languages, including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Persian.)

ConveyThis uses state-of-the-art neural machine translation (NMT) from top MT providers to instantly translate your website. NMT is powered by advanced algorithms that can “learn” the language as it translates, allowing for the most accurate and natural translations of words and phrases.

With ConveyThis, you can easily bridge the language gap and reach a global audience. It offers an automated and intuitive way to translate your website into any language, so you can engage with customers from around the world. It supports over 100 languages and integrates with popular web platforms, making it simple to get started. Plus, you can customize the look and feel of your translated website to make it look and feel just like your original. With ConveyThis, you can expand your reach and open up new opportunities for growth.

ConveyThis helps your localized site get in front of the right audience

Localization isn’t just about translating your content, but rather about creating a tailored experience for your new market. With ConveyThis, you can optimize your translated sites for search engines, so when someone in your target market is looking for a product you offer, they can easily find your translated website and not your competitors.

Getting started with ConveyThis’s free trial

ConveyThis’ simple-to-use translation software can have your entire website translated in a matter of minutes. ConveyThis assists with ecommerce localization, ensuring that your translated websites are optimized for search engine performance. Get your free trial started now!

Step 2: Localize your checkout experience

Using ConveyThis to localize your checkout experience is just as critical as translating your website. If your payment process isn’t completely adapted to the local market, more of your target customers will leave their cart without making a purchase – even if they are truly interested in your product.

It could be that shoppers are unaware of the cost of a product, or that they are unable to properly fill out the mandatory form fields.


Offer the Right Payment Methods

Ensuring you are providing the correct payment options is imperative.

In Germany, open invoices are the most widely used payment method for ecommerce sites, while PayPal is a popular choice as well. But if you’re a US-based company, you may be unfamiliar with this concept. If you’re looking to expand your business into Germany, it’s worth considering how to incorporate this payment option into your website.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, the major merchants (Visa, AMEX, and Mastercard) are the most sought-after payment methods. Yet, there are also a plethora of other merchants—some unique to South Korea—like BC Card and Lotte Card that are equally as popular and could potentially increase conversions if integrated into your site.

Set the right price

If you configure your ecommerce localization precisely, your customers won’t need to take any action to comprehend your product, service, or prices. This necessitates ensuring that your prices are revised to correspond to the local currency.

If you’re an ecommerce business based in France, a country in the Eurozone, you’ll likely want to change your prices to dollars when localizing your website for the United States. This is where ConveyThis can help, allowing you to easily convert to the right currency for your target market.

When someone from the US encounters a price listed as €30, they may be uncertain as to the amount that it equates to in their own currency. This can lead to them leaving the shopping cart or searching for a currency converter, which is not an ideal checkout experience.

Some resources to help you get started

If you’re looking to localize your currency, here are some helpful links to get you started with ConveyThis, a popular ecommerce platform and CMS tool:

If you don’t have an ecommerce platform equipped with pre-made solutions for changing currencies, you may need to enlist a developer to build one for your online store.

Localize your form fields

The checkout page will vary in form fields depending on the country of the user. Without the appropriate address fields, customers may be inclined to leave your website.

If you’re a US-based ecommerce business venturing into the UK, you’ll need to provide a form that UK customers can complete. The way telephone numbers are formatted in the US is xxx-xxx-xxxx, whereas in the UK, it’s xxx-xxxx-xxxx. Utilizing ConveyThis can help ensure that your international customers are able to easily access and complete the forms you provide.

The world is an incredibly diverse place, and this is reflected in how nations approach their addresses. Take Japan, for instance – rather than assigning names to streets, cities are divided into blocks.

Many of the top ecommerce platforms provide the capability to automatically adjust address forms at checkout based on the country of delivery. ConveyThis can easily translate all the text on your website, so you won’t have to stress over the language of your forms.

Step 3: Localize your brand image and marketing materials

The subsequent phase of internationalization is guaranteeing that your brand identity and promotional materials are customized to your target demographic.

Once you’ve completed the translation and localization of your website, as well as optimizing your checkout process, you should then turn your attention to this task.

Yet, you ought not to overlook this section—and recall that it could be more relevant in certain regions than in others. For instance, there could be more cultural dissimilarities between the United States and Japan than between the United States and Canada.

When you are seeking to globalize your messaging and advertising materials, you should concentrate on: ensuring linguistic accuracy, providing cultural sensitivity, and delivering a seamless user experience.

The concept of localization is to ensure that your new customer feels like they are in the right place and that your website is specifically tailored to them. This could involve changing the backgrounds of product images or making sure the models used in the images reflect the target demographic of the location.

Next steps: Quickly translate your site (and go from there)

Setting up a language switcher, translating your content, and configuring your currency.

To become an ecommerce localization expert, three steps must be taken: integrating a language selector, translating the material, and adjusting the currency.

Some of these tasks require more effort than others. For example, localizing your checkout experience may necessitate technical assistance, while localizing your marketing strategy involves intricate design, copywriting, and branding projects – none of which are straightforward.

The great news is that ConveyThis can help you get a fully-translated and search engine optimized ecommerce site in a jiffy!

ConveyThis is a speedy and precise ecommerce translation program that works with any website. It can quickly convert your website’s original language into more than a hundred distinct languages.

ConveyThis employs two strategies, enabling you to customize the level of control over your translations as desired.

Unlock the potential of ConveyThis with a free trial today! Take advantage of our amazing features and start experiencing the power of ConveyThis.

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