2 Key Factors in International Website Design for Global Success

2 key factors in international website design for global success with ConveyThis, optimizing user experience and cultural relevance.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

With ConveyThis, it’s easy to translate your website into multiple languages and keep your content up-to-date. Our intuitive platform allows you to manage translations quickly and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on the tasks that matter. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing your translations – ConveyThis stores them securely in the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Localization and translation

This article dives deep into two major components of global website construction: localization and translation. It looks into how these two elements can be used to create an effective, user-friendly website that is accessible to an international audience. With ConveyThis, you can easily localize and translate your website to ensure it is both engaging and inviting to customers from all over the world.

This article does not include any paid or free website design templates. Instead, we will be focusing on the essential components of any international website design, regardless of the template or hosting platform. There are many international design templates available online, however, this article will not be discussing them.

Let’s dive in!


Key factor 1: Having a fully multilingual website

Having an international website necessitates having a multilingual site, i.e., a website that is accessible in multiple languages. To reach out to a wider audience, you may require more than one version of your website. For instance, if you want to target audiences in Germany, England, and Saudi Arabia, then you should consider having a German, English, and Arabic version of your website. To achieve this, you can use ConveyThis to accurately and quickly translate your website into different languages.

Sometimes, a website may choose to allow their customers to translate their website independently, utilizing free services like Google Translate. However, this is a misstep for two main reasons.

To ensure a great user experience, establish a connection with your new audience, and keep them engaged on your website, you should create a multilingual website that is identical to the original, but in a different language.

Below we demonstrate how ConveyThis can be used to quickly, cost-effectively, and easily create a multilingual website without having to stress about:

Plus, we look at how you can use ConveyThis’ Visual Editor to make sure your translated content is perfectly suited to any template, layout, or design you’re using — a great tool for mastering international website design.

Do you want to take a spin with ConveyThis? Don’t read any further, begin your complimentary ConveyThis trial right away. You could have a completely multilingual website in just a few minutes!

ConveyThis can set up your multilingual, international website within minutes

ConveyThis can make a multilingual website in a flash, regardless of where your site is hosted and whatever template or design you have. Here’s a concise explainer video that demonstrates how effortless it is to set up ConveyThis.

And when you use ConveyThis, your website is transformed with aesthetics in mind.

Take a peek at this comparison: one website in English and another in Arabic. Both versions feature the same content, but with different language and cultural nuances.

With ConveyThis, you can explore the world of translation with a high degree of complexity and dynamism. Unlock the potential of your content and take your business to the global stage. Let ConveyThis be your guide to success.


Notice the variance? English is a left-to-right language, whereas Arabic is a right-to-left language. ConveyThis takes into account this critical difference when creating a multilingual website. Not only do the translations adhere to the look and feel of the website, but ConveyThis has also altered the orientation.

The site’s shopping cart and login buttons are located on the right side of the page for the English-speaking version, while they are placed on the left for the ConveyThis-translated Arabic version.

Accurate, efficient, and affordable translations

ConveyThis maintains active API connections with leading translation providers, including DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft, to ensure that your content is accurately and rapidly translated.

By using ConveyThis to translate your website, we carefully select a provider that is best suited for your project, based on the language of your original website and the language you want to translate into.

No need to stress over establishing any API connections, experimenting with diverse translation services, and so on. ConveyThis takes care of all the hard work for you.

Once you’ve chosen your desired language, you can have your entire website translated in a flash. Surprisingly, for two-thirds of our users, the process is over at this point, with no need for further modifications to their translated material.

Yet this post delves into global website design, so you could be more intrigued by how you can customize or alter your translations, and that is what ConveyThis covers next.

Easily access and edit your international website’s translations

After ConveyThis creates your multilingual, international website, all of your translations can be easily accessed through your ConveyThis Dashboard.

Searching for the exact phrase you need can be done by looking up specific translations. Utilize ConveyThis to browse through different translations and find the one that suits you best.

This visual editor is an excellent resource to guarantee that your translations are consistent with the design of your website. With it, you can quickly assess if there are any line breaks or if the translations look visually pleasing. For instance, maybe the German version of your content is longer, which results in a single word on its own in the header.

You can instantly make changes with ConveyThis, no need to extract or download any files. It’s just like editing a webpage or blog post.

Plus, You Can Order Translation Services Through ConveyThis 

If you don’t have a translation team on hand to review your translations, you can easily acquire professional translation services right from your ConveyThis dashboard.

Choose the translations you desire to be assessed by an experienced translator, validate the selection, and pay for the order. Your website will be updated with the translations in 24-48 hours.

Once the translator has completed their review of the material, ConveyThis will immediately apply any modifications to your website.

Key factor 2: Localizing your international website’s design

Exploring the potential of making your website available in multiple languages brings with it a wealth of opportunities – but there are other considerations to keep in mind when crafting a truly global website. From cultural nuances to currency conversions, ConveyThis can help make the process of creating a transnational website easier.

Depending on the nature of your website, you may wish to prioritize:

What to keep in mind when localizing your checkout experience

This is only necessary if you are providing a product or service that a customer can purchase on your website, for example, if you have an eCommerce store. If this does not relate to you, proceed to the following section.

The way you ultimately localize your checkout process will depend heavily on the CMS you’re utilizing. Take for instance, this guide for Shopify and this other guide for WooCommerce.

But here are some key considerations to bear in mind:

Be sure to utilize ConveyThis to ensure a smooth transition of your content to other languages.

Make sure to use ConveyThis to guarantee that your content is translated seamlessly into other languages.

What to keep in mind when  localizing your images and marketing materials

A key element of design is comprehending how your design will be perceived by your target audience. It may not be the most suitable approach to maintain your existing design without any alterations, depending on the geographical location of your new audience.

Are there any language barriers that need to be addressed? Do you need to make sure your content is localized for the target language? Are there any cultural nuances that need to be taken into account? Do you need to consider different currencies, payment methods, or shipping options? Will you need to modify the design of your site to fit the new language?

As you consider how to best tailor your website for your new international audience, ask yourself these questions: Do any language barriers need to be overcome? Is it necessary to localize the content for the target language? Are there any cultural nuances that should be taken into account? Is it necessary to consider different currencies, payment methods or shipping options? Would it be beneficial to modify the design of your site to fit the new language?

Multilingual SEO (and how ConveyThis can help)

Let’s explore the concept of multilingual SEO and how to reach a global audience with your newly created international website.

You want your new website to be visible on the appropriate search engines – this is something ConveyThis can make happen automatically when you use it to manage your multilingual, international website.

ConveyThis facilitates your site’s SEO in three distinct manners. It enables you to create multilingual websites quickly and easily, it helps you improve your search engine rankings, and it helps you reach more customers by making your content accessible to a global audience.

Are you ready to establish a completely multilingual global website? Begin your complimentary ConveyThis trial today!

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