ConveyThis vs. Polylang: Which Translation Solution is Right for You?

Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

Creating a multilingual website shouldn’t be complicated! Walking in step with the times, ConveyThis team strive for doing everything possible to move in the direction of the high performance and simplicity in one. ConveyThis is a modern, affordable,  easy to use, and efficient plugin that will help to translate your website into more than 90 languages. We constantly work on adding new functions and features to make it even better.

ConveyThis is a great alternative to Polylang. Take a look and see for yourself!

  ConveyThis Polylang
Main translation focus:
Automatic YES. ConveyThis uses Neural Website Translation technology, which provides a high quality automatic translation. NO automatic translation available in Polylang. Requires Lingotek add-on to perform automatic translation.
Manual YES YES
Combined YES NO combined translation available in Polylang.
Professional YES. ConveyThis helps to hire professional linguists and translators to provide the best possible quality of content. NO professional translators available in Polylang.
Team Collaboration YES. ConveyThis allows to assign translators, proofreaders and other professionals from different locations to work on the project. NO team collaboration available in Polylang.
WordPress YES YES
WooCommerce YES YES.Requires purchasing a separate Polylang plugin for WooCommerce.
Shopify YES NO
BigCommerce YES NO
Weebly YES NO
SquareSpace YES NO
WebFlow YES NO
Drupal YES NO
Jumla YES NO
JavaScript translation widget for custom websites YES NO
Setup Quick and easy setup in 5 minutes. No coding required. Requires manual configuration during and after the installation.
Multilingual SEO YES. ConveyThis translates META tags, titles, description, AJAX, and ALT tags. NO. Requires Yoast SEO add-on to perform multilingual SEO.
Interface Visual editor or text editor. WordPress interface.
Simplicity Simple to use. A higher degree of difficulty.
Visitor Redirection YES. ConveyThis automatically redirects foreign visitors to translated pages depending on their browser language. NO visitor redirection available.
Content detection YES. ConveyThis detects and translates all the content on the website. NO content detection available.
Free version YES YES
Support YES. Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm, EST. NO support for the free version.