How to Make a Multilingual Website on WordPress with ConveyThis

Learn how to make a multilingual website on WordPress with ConveyThis, leveraging advanced technology for a diverse online presence.
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Übermitteln Sie diese Demo
WP Cupid-Rezension

This video review will blow you away. The guys from WP Cupid Blog did an awesome job describing how ConveyThis plugin for WordPress works. We couldn’t get it any better! Enjoy the 30 minutes of dense plugin review!

Wie man eine mehrsprachige Website auf WordPress | Mehrsprachiges WordPress Tutorial

Link to ConveyThis:

In this Multilingual WordPress Website Tutorial, we go over how to make a multilingual website on WordPress using ConveyThis. ConveyThis makes creating a multilingual website on WordPress a breeze. Within minutes ConveyThis lets you have a full functioning multilingual website.

Things covered in the video are installing and setting up the free ConveyThis plugin, going through each and every setting option ConveyThis has to offer on the plugins page, along with translating a website making it multilingual. ConveyThis automatically will translate your site in the different languages you choose along with having a text editor and visual editor so you can make edits to the translations easy. ConveyThis is also optimized for SEO and I go through the settings for SEO so that your multilingual website can be found in the translated languages and countries. I also cover speeding up ConveyThis in terms of website speed by delaying the javascript of it. This will take quite a bit of time off your load time than if you didn’t do it. I also cover the paid plans with ConveyThis and how to use the ConveyThis dashboard.

If you are looking to make a multilingual website on WordPress ConveyThis makes the process quick and easy.

How To Make A Multilingual Website On WordPress | Multilingual WordPress Tutorial
Link to ConveyThis:

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