Is ConveyThis GDPR compliant?

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Is ConveyThis GDPR compliant?

This article explores ConveyThis’ GDPR compliance status, ensuring your data protection.


Here at ConveyThis there has always been a culture of compliance. We place tremendous importance and value on privacy, especially your privacy. So, we’re letting you know about some of the recent changes that we’ve made regarding our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies. These policy updates are in full effect beginning 2/07/2019.

These changes are a result in part of the recent rules set by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We figure that all of our users would benefit from and like to enjoy these rights, so we’re rolling them out globally to everyone.

Here’s an overview of some of these recent updates:

  • We have created a global “opt out page”. We don’t want to lose you and we would like to believe that you will really really miss us too. But if you really gotta go – we get it! We will still be here for you if you change your mind.
  • We’ve made it a lot easier for you to update your communication preferences.
  • We’ve reorganized all of our policies so that they’re easier to find and also easier to read and understand. There is also a lot of new info (some nice light bedside reading material) for you in our help section!
  • We’ve included information on how we use cookies and use other web analytical technologies and a new cookie policy in place.
  • We’ve provided more clear detail on how we work with all of our partners and other third-party providers to ConveyThis. We also detail how we ensure our partners are compliant across all the regulatory issues you care about.
  • We’ve incorporated requisite privacy and security controls across the entire ConveyThis platform to ensure compliance and your peace of mind!

Is ConveyThis GDPR compliant?

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