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The Best Alternative to Weglot

Switching from Weglot? We will buy your contract!

Stuck on the annual subscription plan at Weglot? Don’t worry. We will give you credit up to 3 months to help you switch from Weglot and find your next home at ConveyThis! Contact our sales team to learn more.

When you are in a process of choosing the right website language switcher, you might have stumbled on Weglot and now looking for a Weglot Alternative. In this article, we are comparing ConveyThis with Weglot and draw the conclusions.

Interested to find out which language plugin is better for your website? Then continue reading!

Pricing - Save up to 58%

ConveyThis vs Weglot - Best Alternative

ConveyThis beats Weglot in any entry-level category. On the FREE plan, you get 25% more words. On the STARTER plan, you save 58%. And, on the BUSINESS plan, you save roughly 20%.

ConveyThis is the best option to test out your multilingual website.

Number of Words

ConveyThis offers 25% more words than Weglot on the FREE plan. On all other plans, ConveyThis successfully matches Weglot.

Subscription Plans

Both startups offer subscription based  models. Aka Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The quality of the subscription determines the user experience. But most of them mimic the usage category. The more words and page views you are using, the higher the subscription plan your account will fall into.

Weglot has 4 subscription plans ranging from $12/month for a Starter plan, to $224/month for an Advanced Plan.

ConveyThis has 10 subscription plans ranging from $5/month for a Starter plan, to $1000/month for an Extreme plan. The spread is much wider with lots of intermediary plans in-between making ConveyThis an more flexible software solution for your multilingual website.

Translation Engine

As you know, the quality of machine translation varies. Since both companies offer automatic translation as a base layer (prior to post-editing), it is critical to select a company that offers the best translation quality out of the box.

ConveyThis uses a proprietary cocktail of translation engines and parsing algorithms (hint: best and most expensive) in order to achieve the highest mark in this category. We do not compromise quality and invest in machine translation quality a great deal of our time.

Editing Options

Both Weglot and ConveyThis have powerful text and visual editors in order to proofread your machine translations.

Text Editor

Visual Editor

50+ Website Connectors

ConveyThis beats Weglot in the number of website connectors. It has all the plugins for the popular platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and Wix. In addition, ConveyThis has Joomla and Weebly plugins which Weglot does not.

Ready to jump the ship?


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  2. Jerome
    March 30, 2022 Reply

    Hi, I am using webflow, my site: http://www.cnmaytown.com
    I am looking for a Multilingual Tool for my site.
    I wonder if 50000 words for total pages or a single page?

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