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How to change position of language switcher?

In order to change position of language switcher, please visit “Settings” page, press on “Show more options”.


Scroll down until “Position” section. There you can change position of language switcher.


How to place language switcher inside my element?

You can place language switcher inside your own element. For example, you can place it inside navigation menu or footer.

In order to so, please set “Position type” as “Custom”, and enter “id” of your element.

position custom

How to find "id" of my element?

To do this, go to your site, right-click on the element where you want to place the language switcher. On the popup menu select “Inspect”.


You should see the “id” of selected element. If you don’t see it, then you have to insert it yourself by editing website template.

custom id
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