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WooCommerce Integration

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How to install ConveyThis on WooCommerce?

Step #1

Go to your WordPress control panel and click “Plugins” and then “Add New”.

Step #2

Type ConveyThis in the search field and the plugin will show up.

Click “Install Now” and then “Activate”.

Step #3

When the page refreshes, you see the notification that plugin is activated, but not yet configured.

Press on “configuration page” link to open ConveyThis configuration page.

Step #4

On this page you need to configurate your settings.

To do that, first of all you need to create account at www.conveythis.com if you haven’t already.

Step #5

Once you confirmed your registration, head to your Dashboard.

Copy your unique API key and get back to the plugin’s configuration page.

Step #6

Paste your API key to the appropriate field.

Select source and target languages.

Click “Save Configuration”.

Step #7

That’s it. Please visit your website, refresh the page and the language button shows up there.

Congratulations, now you can start translating your WooCommerce website.

*If you want to customize the button or get familiar with an additional settings, please go back to the main configuration page (with language settings) and click “Show more options“.

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