ConveyThis vs. Polylang: Which Translation Solution is Right for You?

在 5 分钟内让您的网站多语言化

Creating a multilingual website shouldn’t be complicated! Walking in step with the times, ConveyThis team strive for doing everything possible to move in the direction of the high performance and simplicity in one. ConveyThis is a modern, affordable,  easy to use, and efficient plugin that will help to translate your website into more than 90 languages. We constantly work on adding new functions and features to make it even better.

ConveyThis is a great alternative to Polylang. Take a look and see for yourself!

  ConveyThis 聚朗
自动 YES. ConveyThis uses Neural Website Translation technology, which provides a high quality automatic translation. Polylang中没有自动翻译。需要Lingotek附加组件才能执行自动翻译。
组合式 Polylang没有可用的组合翻译。
专业的 YES. ConveyThis helps to hire professional linguists and translators to provide the best possible quality of content. Polylang中没有专业翻译人员。
团队协作 YES. ConveyThis allows to assign translators, proofreaders and other professionals from different locations to work on the project. Polylang没有团队合作。
WooCommerce 是的。需要购买一个单独的多朗插件WooCommerce。
Shopify 没有
大商务 没有
Eb 没有
广场空间 没有
网络流 没有
Drupal 没有
JavaScript网站的翻译小部件 没有
设定 5分钟内即可轻松快捷地进行设置。无需编码。 在安装期间和之后需要手动配置
多语言SEO YES. ConveyThis translates META tags, titles, description, AJAX, and ALT tags. 没有。需要Yoast SEO插件才能执行多语言SEO。
界面 可视编辑器或文本编辑器。 WordPress接口。
简单 易于使用。 难度较高。
访客重定向 YES. ConveyThis automatically redirects foreign visitors to translated pages depending on their browser language. 没有访客重定向。
内容检测 YES. ConveyThis detects and translates all the content on the website. 没有内容检测可用。
支持 是。美国东部标准时间周一至周五上午9点至下午6点。 支持免费版本。