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Translate Any Website
Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
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How to Translate Your WordPress Website

review tipswithpunch

Another great YouTube review from a fellow Dutch blogger: TipsWithPunch, who also runs PunchSalad with step-by-step WordPress tutorials.

Translate WordPress website tutorial in summary:
00:00 Intro

00:38 Install & activate conveyThis translation plugin in WordPress.
Keep in mind that these translations are not hosted anywhere on your site, they are loaded from ConveyThis servers that’s why you can see the results so quickly.

The translations are SEO friendly as Google is able to index all pages with the translations. As opposed to using a google translate widget. Which just translates the website on the user’s computers.

05:43 I’ll show you how to adjust all the settings for this WordPress plugin.

09:50 What if you notice that something is translated incorrectly?
Well, you can manually change the translation, and in the video, I’ll show you how.

12:52 JavaScript code to translate the HTML websites.
At the end I’ll mention how you can insert some JS onto your HTML website and get it all translated.



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