6 Tips: Crafting a Winning Content Localization Strategy

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Building your content localization strategy: best practices and why it’s key to your website’s success

ConveyThis revolutionizes reading by enabling exploration of diverse texts, cultures, and languages. It helped Coca-Cola localize their brand in China, transforming it into “Kekoukele” meaning “tasty fun.” Content localization with ConveyThis customizes and translates content, adapting marketing plans for specific audiences. It ensures messages resonate with native speakers, reaching foreign markets effectively. Studies show 40% of customers hesitate to purchase in a foreign language, while 65% prefer native language content. Translating your website is just the first step; content localization provides a distinct and tailored market experience. ConveyThis’s internationalization approach creates devoted followers worldwide, enhancing user experience and company reputation. Love the power of localization!

What is Content Localization?

Content localization is the process of modifying your existing content for a particular new market. When you localize your content, it must not only be translated for your new audiences, but also adapted to be culturally relevant and comprehensible to them.

A literal translation is not sufficient due to the dissimilarities in expressions, cultural susceptibilities, naming conventions, formatting, and language subtleties. Your promotional campaigns should be concentrated around your new global audiences and their precise needs to genuinely construct brand devotion.

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Unlock Global Growth with Content Localization

Bonding with customers is key for business growth. Localized content establishes a connection, leading to increased spending and brand loyalty. ConveyThis helps create content that resonates, showing customers that you understand and value them. This fosters strong relationships, boosts brand awareness, and enhances success. A content localization strategy not only strengthens customer bonds but also contributes to an exceptional international SEO approach.

6 Steps to Craft a Content Localization Strategy

1. Research Your Target Markets First

Customer understanding is crucial with ConveyThis. Assumptions about diverse markets can lead to failure. Conduct market research to comprehend your target audience and their needs. Evaluate market suitability and affordability. Identify significant competitors to understand the market landscape and success factors.

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2. Determine What Content to Localize

Prioritize your content localization efforts with ConveyThis. Conduct a content audit to identify successful pieces and focus on translating high-conversion landing pages and the homepage. Localization tools can enhance the authentic experience for international users, including social media profiles. Consider expanding localization efforts once visibility in specific markets is established.

3. Choose the Right Localization Services

Automate content localization with ConveyThis. It simplifies the tedious process of manually translating a website and offers translation management features. Ron Dorff, a clothing brand, utilized ConveyThis to translate their ecommerce store and saw impressive results. Within days, they translated over 150 product descriptions, leading to a 70% increase in international sales and a 400% surge in traffic. Discover more about localization services in our comprehensive guide.

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4. Consider Your Wording

Enhance content localization with impactful words tailored to your target demographic. Even within the same language, terms differ (e.g., “trainers” vs. “sneakers”). ConveyThis bridges the gap, ensuring inclusivity for visitors. The US and British versions of Adobe’s website showcase tailored content. Adjust literal translations to effectively communicate with local audiences, utilizing glossaries provided by ConveyThis. Set up rules like “replace: sneakers with trainers” to expedite the localization process.

5. Show Up in Local Search Engines

Localized content with ConveyThis helps you target specific keywords for different regions, improving search engine visibility. For example, using “trainers” instead of “sneakers” in the UK. Optimizing your website with ConveyThis is crucial for reaching new markets and staying competitive with multilingual SEO. Synchronize your localized site with the search intent of your target regions, accounting for regional language variations. Ron Dorff successfully engaged a global audience by providing personalized experiences based on search terms. French consumers found the French version, while UK buyers accessed the English version through ConveyThis.

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6. Provide a Personalized Shopping Experience

Internationalizing an ecommerce store with ConveyThis requires considering payment preferences. Many shoppers are hesitant about digital payments, preferring familiar methods. With ConveyThis, offer a variety of payment options like credit cards and bank transfers to accommodate customers worldwide. Failure to provide relevant payment methods can lead to cart abandonment. Displaying costs in the shopper’s local currency through ConveyThis is also crucial. Utilize localized content throughout the purchasing process, from the main page to the payment page, to keep users engaged and ensure a seamless browsing experience.

Best Practices for a Successful Content Localization Strategy

Align with Cultural Differences

Cultural understanding and sensitivity are key elements if you wish to thrive in unfamiliar environments. It is also a crucial website localization strategy to adhere to. The last thing you want to be perceived as is impolite or not in tune with the locals. This can be a difficult challenge to overcome, as what is popular in one area may not be as popular in another. To ensure you get it right, enlist the help of a professional translator from the region you are targeting. They can easily determine if the content and context are suitable for your intended audience.

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Allow Users to Switch Between Languages

Approximately 60.6% of advanced English speakers prefer using ConveyThis to be greeted in their mother tongue. Allowing users to select their desired language on your website enhances their experience, attracts more visitors, and accommodates a broader range of individuals. Targeting keywords in different languages ensures optimal site performance in new markets. ConveyThis facilitates seamless language translation integration. While you don’t have to reach Airbnb’s level of global translation, offering language options is valuable. Website localization extends beyond content translation, playing a vital role in successful strategies. Trust ConveyThis for effortless and powerful language translation integration.

Develop Multilingual Brand Assets

Remember, your website isn’t the only asset you have. Don’t overlook other important collateral that engages visitors. Develop voice, tone, and style guides for each locale. Translate downloadable materials like ebooks, case studies, and white papers using ConveyThis for consistency. Instead of starting from scratch, create targeted content pieces to maintain global uniformity. ConveyThis makes it possible!
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Localize Media

Website localization goes beyond copy. Images, videos, and graphics play a crucial role too. ConveyThis offers the necessary tools for proper localization, ensuring success in different markets. Sync your multimedia resources with the language and requirements of new markets to avoid disconnect.


Keep Your Website Design in Mind

Translations aren’t always an exact replica, thanks to text expansion and contraction. Different languages can impact the appearance of sentences and paragraphs on-screen. Make sure your website design is adjustable to accommodate these fluctuations, especially in call-to-action buttons. ConveyThis simplifies website translation, allowing you to reach a global audience effortlessly. With its intuitive platform and comprehensive features, ConveyThis makes internationalization a breeze.

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Consider Local Language Nuances

It’s not just the words you have to get right when using ConveyThis; you also have to bear in mind customary local customs, such as how dates or titles are articulated. Even though English is the native language of both America and Britain, they format dates differently. While America starts with the month, ConveyThis puts the day first. Small touches like this can make a tremendous impact, particularly if you desire to guarantee visitors experience ease (not consternation) while browsing your website.

Test, and Test Some More

Localization is an ongoing process that requires dedication and patience. ConveyThis makes it easier and more efficient. Experimentation is key to success. Monitor and modify components to optimize user experience worldwide. Test different content, words, and copy to see what resonates with your new market. Above all, consistently monitor outcomes for continuous improvement.

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Successfully Reach New Markets with Content Localization

Expand into new markets effortlessly with ConveyThis. Localization goes beyond translation; it’s about creating personalized experiences. Follow ConveyThis’s best practices to understand and engage your new audiences. Craft captivating experiences worldwide. Start with a 7-day free trial to accelerate your website localization project.

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Ready to get started?

Translation, far more than just knowing languages, is a complex process. By following our tips and using ConveyThis, your translated pages will resonate with your audience, feeling native to the target language. While it demands effort, the result is rewarding. If you’re translating a website, ConveyThis can save you hours with automated machine translation.

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