How to Make a Bilingual Website with ConveyThis

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How to make a bilingual website

Tools you will need:

  • Use a bilingual website builder
  • Use a content management system
  • Use a translation tool
  • Use a local SEO tool
  • Use a translation service
  • Use Google Translate

A bilingual website is one that has content in two languages. For example, a website for a company offering services in multiple countries would want to have its home page appear in each country’s native language. The content on the page could be translated using automatic translation tools or by human translators. This article will cover how to create and maintain a bilingual website so that it not only looks good but also performs well.

Bilingual Website Builder

To get started, you’ll need to pick a content management system (CMS) and website builder that supports bilingual websites. You can use one of these tools on their own, but they’re most effective when combined with other tools in your arsenal. Here are the top choices:

  • A translation tool. This program will automatically translate your site into another language once it’s published online. If you want to do this manually, it will take a while—and be prone to human error—but if you have a large website with dozens or hundreds of pages, an automated translation service may make more sense for saving time and ensuring accuracy

  • A local SEO tool. If deployed correctly, these apps will optimize every page on your site so they’re optimized specifically for searches in another country’s language (e.g., “German-speaking customers”). They also help Google understand what languages are used within each page so that visitors from different countries can access them appropriately.

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Content Management System

 A content management system (CMS). This tool allows you to create and publish content in multiple languages without any coding knowledge required. Some CMSes are specifically designed for bilingual websites, while others can be configured manually if they don’t support this functionality out of the box.

Multilingual Translation Tool

A multilingual SEO tool. This software can help you optimize your site for the search engines in each language. This is important because Google uses different algorithms to determine rank depending on where users are located and what language they speak; if your site isn’t optimized for these differences, it will perform poorly across borders.

Why Did We Create ConveyThis?

Back in 2015 I wanted to make my WordPress website multilingual and add a couple of new languages such as Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese; I faced a bit of a problem. All the WordPress plugins I tried to install were cruel and crashed my website. One particular plugin was so bad it broke my WooCommerce store so deeply- even after I uninstalled it it remained broken! I’ve tried to contact the plugin’s support, but received no answer. I tried to fix it myself, but it wasn’t fixable. I was so frustrated that I decided to create a new multilingual WordPress plugin and make it available for free to small websites and make as many WordPress websites in as many languages as possible! Thus, the ConveyThis was born!

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SEO-optimized translations

In order to make your site more appealing and acceptable to search engines like Google, Yandex and Bing, ConveyThis translates meta tags such as Titles, Keywords and Descriptions. It also adds the hreflang tag, so search engines know that your site has translated pages.
For better SEO results, we also introduce our subdomain url structure, where a translated version of your site (in Spanish for example) can look like this:

For an extensive list of all available translations, go to our Supported Languages page!

Fast and Reliable translation servers

We build high scalable server infrastructure and cache systems that provide instant translations to your final client. Since all translations are stored and served from our servers, there are no extra burdens to your site’s server.

All translations are securely stored and will never be passed on to third parties.

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No coding required

ConveyThis has taken simplicity to the next level. No more hard coding required. No more exchanges with LSPs (language translation providers) needed. Everything is managed in one secure place. Ready to be deployed in as little as 10 minutes. Click the button below for instructions on how to integrate ConveyThis with your website.