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Website Translation by AI and Deep Machine Learning.

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Perfect translation quality

ConveyThis integrates seamlessly with your website and creates an accurate translation foundation you can later build on if you so choose. We’ve trained our AI for many years in order to achieve this result. We’ve optimized the HTML/JavaScript parsing to such a level competing plugins can’t compete. All these features gives you the best experience for your visitors out of the box with little need to proofread or edit your translations.

To good to be true? Think again!

Switch the language using the button in the bottom left corner and read this website in any other language. Check for yourself- we have not edited a single part of this webpage, it all comes from the machine translator! 

SEO-optimized translations

In order to make your site more appealing and acceptable to search engines like Google, Yandex and Bing, ConveyThis translates meta tags such as Titles, Keywords and Descriptions. It also adds the hreflang tag, so search engines know that your site has translated pages.
For better SEO results, we also introduce our subdomain url structure, where a translated version of your site (in Spanish for example) can look like this: https://es.yoursite.com

For an extensive list of all available translations, go to our Supported Languages page!

Fast and Reliable translation servers

We build high scalable server infrastructure and cache systems that provide instant translations to your final client. Since all translations are stored and served from our servers, there are no extra burdens to your site’s server.

All translations are securely stored and will never be passed on to third parties.

No coding required

ConveyThis has taken simplicity to the next level. No more hard coding required. No more exchanges with LSPs (language translation providers) needed. Everything is managed in one secure place. Ready to be deployed in as little as 10 minutes.

Customizable language switcher

Appearance is another important aspect in order to attract clients. This is why ConveyThis’ language switcher is highly customizable and can be adapted to the theme of your site.

No matter where, ConveyThis...

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And translates instantly!

Update machine translations with a Live Editor

It’s always more convenient to edit translations of your site with the content in front of your eyes.

Control all your translations in one, secure place.

There are three translation tiers: Machine, Human and Professional


Our Integrations

You don’t need to study the source code of your website in order to translate it to multiple languages. Save time and explore our website connections and unleash the power of ConveyThis for your business in seconds.

WordPress Integration

Download our highly rated WordPress translation plugin

Shopify Integration

Boost your online Shopify store sales with our language switcher for Shopify

BigCommerce Integration

Convert your BigCommerce store into a multilingual hub

Weebly Integration

Translate your Weebly website into multiple language with a top rated plugin

SquareSpace Integration

Translate your SquareSpace website into multiple language with a top rated plugin

JavaScript Snippet

If your CMS is not listed, download our JavaScript snippet

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What Do Our Users Think About ConveyThis?

Convey this is a great tool, helped us a lot in the process of translation and page duplication, offer us a easy way to customize language translation, and quick response to all our doubts. Excelent customer service.
"Handy Tool"
Pulscog (@pulsocg)
ConveyThis is nothing short of brilliant! Owing to this plugin, I managed to translate my entire website between English and Polish without any difficulties. No prior technical knowledge as to how to use this plugin isn’t required. You simply log onto your ConveyThis account and translate your website there. Nice and easy!
"Best Free Plugin of this Type"
Jmpoletek (@Jmpoletek)
So far I’ve tried many multilanguage plugins and ConveyThis is just AWESOME. I really would give ConveyThis 10 Stars. Thank you for making this plugin.
"This is awesome"
Ianbreet (@Ianbreet)


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