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How To Install ConveyThis On:

Webflow plugin

Integrating ConveyThis into your site is fast and easy, and WebFlow is no exception. In just a few minutes you’ll learn just how to install ConveyThis to WebFlow and start giving it the multilingual functionality you need.

Step #1

Create a ConveyThis account, confirm your email, and access your account’s dashboard.

Step #2

After accessing your dashboard go to the “Domains” tab in the left toolbar.

Step #3

Add a domain using the button in the top right, and when you’re done click settings.

Domains can’t be renamed so you’ll need to delete it and retype it if you made a typo.

Step #4

Select your website’s source (original) language and the target language(s) you want to translate it to. Click “Save Configuration” once you’re done.

Step #5

Copy this JavaScript:

					<!-- ConveyThis code -->
<script type="rocketlazyloadscript" data-minify="1" src="" defer></script>
<script type="rocketlazyloadscript" data-rocket-type="text/javascript">
  document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(e) {
      api_key: "pub_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
<!-- End ConveyThis code -->

Step #6

Go to “Project Settings” in your WebFlow site builder.

Step #7

Go to the “Custom Code” tab and paste in the code wherever necessary. Finally, save your changes and reload the page. Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated ConveyThis into your WebFlow site.

*If you want to customize the button or get familiar with an additional settings, please go back to the main configuration page (with language settings) and click “Show more options”.

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