Government Translation Services by ConveyThis: Bridging Language Barriers

Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

Being a government agency is not an easy task! You have to show up at work everyday, run reports for your vigilant and omnipresent supervisors and leave promptly home at 5 o’clock. It is a time consuming task to maintain a website for your government department and you don’t even know who is in charge of it.

We, the team behind ConveyThis, has created a reliable, secure cloud based website translation tool, that can work suitably well for any type of government entity whether it is US government and president Trump, UK government and Boris Johnson, French government and Emmanuel Macron or any other institution. White house has a website, so does a local public school in Brooklyn, NY. There are multiple government agencies that have a need for a quick and professional website translation of their website.

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Key features

Quick Install

Setup ConveyThis language switcher in as many as five minutes. Copy and paste the JavaScript code directly into your website template or use our widgets for WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, Joomla and other CMS. No need to learn the coding. Even your grandma could do it with help our extensive Youtube tutorial collection and friendly customer support.

Content Detection

No need to tell what to translate. Once you install the language switcher, it will automatically detect the website content and translate it with help of leading neural machine translators such as Google, Bing, Amazon, Yandex or DeepL. Let your content managers go and focus on other tasks instead. ConveyThis will detect and translate everything that is visible on your page including META tags keywords, titles and description. Did we mention the AJAX and image ALT tags too? Yes, everything is supported.

Team Collaboration

Whether you work alone and speak all the languages in the world, you can seamlessly invite other people into your project and share the contents of your website translation with them for a quick look, correction or editing. We developed powerful online tools to assign project roles to users such as freelance translator or a project manager.

Comprehesive Online Platform

Translate your website into over 92 languages with help of a machine translator, then edit translations either by yourself in our convenient visual interface, or hire a translation agency to do it for you.

Visual In-context Editor

Forget the inconvenient Google Docs and Microsoft Excel sheets when it comes to translating web content! ConveyThis uses two powerful editors to help you accomplish this mission. Edit website translation on the fly in the convenience of your web browser whether it is Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Preview the translated pages in real time and make necessary in-context corrections.

Automatic and Human Translations

Automatic is now a new word for machine translation. There used to be times and machine translation was so bad, that no one wanted to use it. Nowadays, with the invent of artificial intelligence and neural networks, the machine translation has drastically imporved and in order to distance itself from the old derogatory stereotype it was renamed into automatic. Not enough automatic quality supplied by leading API from Google, Microsoft, Google and Yandex? Edit translations with humans! That is not prohibited yet!

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Professional Linguists

Being bi-lingual is not enough. You need to be well versed in the subject area of your website translation whether it is legal, medical, or technical specialty. Hiring professional translators is a piece of cake using our convenient shopping cart where you can specify every page you’d like to submit for professional revision. Given that conveythis is funded by a leading language translation company, we made this integration serious from day one.

Build with SEO in Mind

Translated and indexed by Google? Its possible and is very encouraged. ConveyThis translated every details of your page: TITLE, DESCRIPTION, on page and ALT tags. Everything is handled in 100% Google compliance including HREFLANG attributes to drive more organic search traffic to your pages.

Visitor Redirection (Automatic)

Reduce the page bounce rate and improve the conversions by automatically redirecting foreign visitors to your translated pages. Serve them content automatically in the language they understand.

Secure Cloud-based Framework

Running a website is expensive. You need to pay monthly fees for a server rental whether it is VPS, Dedicated host or shared. With our secure cloud based framework, everything is stored on our cloud and is included as part of your package.

We are here to help you along this multilingual journey