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ConveyThis vs.

If you’re choosing a translation plugin for your website, you’re probably already aware that there are so many options that it can be tricky to determine the right solution for you. This page will help you understand how ConveyThis compares to other players in the field.

> Weglot Translate <

WeGlot provides users with a simple interface that makes navigating the features of their website easy for new customers. However, WeGlot is significantly more expensive than competitors and only allows users up to 2,000 translated words for free. ConveyThis offers 2,500 free words with other options ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 words. ConveyThis allows users access to a wide network of customer service representatives despite which payment plan you sign up for.

> WPML <

WPML allows users to expand on the basic functionality of WordPress when using the platform to build their website. However, WPML is only useful for those that utilize WordPress to perform such tasks as WPML is a WordPress exclusive plugin and cannot be used for any other website building platform. ConveyThis can be used to translate any website regardless of whether or not it was built using WordPress.

> Smartcat <

While Smartcat offers a forever free plan similar to ConveyThis, the features available in the Smartcats free plan only offers customers a small portion of what the ConveyThis free plan offers. Furthermore, Smartcats other payment options are very few and very expensive while ConveyThis offers more options to customers while providing the same services and more for a fraction of the cost.

> MultilingualPress <

While good for large businesses to optimize their localization, MultilingualPress is not tailored towards the individual consumer and their interface can be confusing for some. Their payment plans do not provide customers with nearly the same amount of options that ConveyThis offers and the prices for their services are very expensive. ConveyThis provides localization services that cater to both businesses and the individual for the ultimate user-friendly experience.

> Memsource <

Memsource is good for users seeking a basic experience with simple integrations, minimal project management features and machine translation options. However, Memsource is not tailored towards the individual user but rather a large business and their expensive prices reflect just that. ConveyThis can easily be used by both individuals and businesses to serve their localization needs for a fraction of the cost.

> Polylang <

Polylang’s online website translator can also make your website multilingual. Just like ConveyThis it has a free trial that lets you translate a great number of words. However, you can only translate on WordPress, and getting ecommerce site translations requires you to get the pro package. ConveyThis lets you translate on any webpage or ecommerce site right from the start.

> Stepes <

Stepes offers translations in several industries, claiming to be fast, accurate and affordable. However, ConveyThis has more languages to translate (over 100!) offers a free plan with lots of advantages, and setup is easy, fast and more affordable- there’s no need to call before you buy or try.

> Phrase <

Phrase claims to be a site localization service, translating websites to gain traction from other websites. Not only can ConveyThis do it as well, but has over 100 languages, a fast, easy and affordable setup, and allows you to try it for free forever- Phrase only offers a 14 day trial before needing payment.

> GTranslate <

Gtranslate uses Google Translate to translate your website, which although cheap, is prone to inaccuracy. With ConveyThis you can get your site translated in 100+ languages faster and more accurate than Google Translate, and for less- our forever free plan lets you use the power of our machine translation for as long as you need to.

> Lingotek <

LingoTek offers professional translation and integration services for any company big and small. However, their service processing times are incredibly long. To get fast, accurate and affordable translation and integration services for your website, use ConveyThis! Our forever free plan is the best way to see how powerful our machine translation software is.

How Do Our Prices Compare?

Our service is more affordable compared to Memsource but that’s not the only business we beat in pricing! Take a look for yourself!

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How Many Words Are On Your Site?


Our plugin translates pages on the fly. That means, it translates page only if someone open it on your site. So in order to translate other, non-translated pages, you can open them on your site and select language. This will force them to be translated.

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

Check out our free online tool: Website Word Counter

Yes, bring in your friends and acquintances. Proofread and edit translations using our in-context visual interfaces and increase conversion rates on your landing pages.

We treat all our customers as our friends and maintain 5 star support rating. We strive to answer each email and phone call in a timely manner during normal business hours: 9am to 6pm EST M-F.

Yes, we do! If you build and/or promote websites for your clients, sign up for our PRO plan or higher to re-sell ConveyThis to your clients for one low monthly price.

Yes, we do! ConveyThis employs a team of account managers and support professionals to carefully guide your enterprise company through all stages of website localization. Monthly billing and payment with a business check is supported.

Monthly translated pageviews are the total number of pages visited in a translated language during one month. It only relates to your translated version (it does not take into account visits in your original language) and it does not include search engine bot visits.

Yes, if you have at least a Pro plan you have the multisite feature. It allows you to manage several websites separately and gives access to one person per website.

Professional language translation is offered by human linguists. We employ a network of 216,498 freelance translators capable translating any types of languages, documents and specializations. Each piece of text translated by machine translator could be proofread by humans for a low fee. Save yourself time and money by employing professional linguists to translate important pages on your website!

This is a feature that allows to load an already translated webpage to your foreign visitors based on the settings in their browser. If you have a Spanish version and your visitor comes from Mexico, the Spanish version will be loaded by default making it easier for your visitors to discover your content and complete purchases.

Yes, we do! ConveyThis is a major provider of instant website translation solutions to US government and its subsidiaries. We offer flexible account management, training and ongoing support for government employees and local organizations.

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