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Translate Any Website
Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
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Translate Wix and Make it Multilingual

ConveyThis is the only translation app that can translate your Wix store, meaning you can sell products in multiple languages!

To get started, simply download the ConveyThis Translate app from the Wix App Store.

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icons8 search 512ConveyThis is a translation tool that helps you translate your website into different languages. It is a Wix app that is easy to use and has a lot of benefits.

  • First, it is quick to set up and you don‘t need any coding experience.
  • Second, it provides a way to get your website translated into different languages and it is also SEO optimized.
  • Third, it provides realtime feedback on translations so you can make sure they are perfect.
  • Finally, it is a great way to get feedback on your translations so you can make sure they are perfect.

If you're viewing a page in a language that you don't understand, you can click the language-switch button to see a translation

of the page in one of the other languages.



You will be able to review and manage all your translated content through a simple interface. Do you want to delegate your translations to someone? No problem, grant access to some of your coworkers or employees. If you need the help of a professional translator, they’re only a click away.

ConveyThis gives you two options to edit your text strings: side-by-side text interface and visual editor where you can change your website translations right inside the context of your web page.

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