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⭐️Discover innovative Shopify AR implementations by businesses, from Seinfeld Set Replicas to gaming merchandise
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The launch of Shopify AR was intended to give sellers the necessary tools they need to develop their own personalized and unique shopping experiences with augmented reality. Time has passed and we are enthralled by the amazing things that these merchants have established through Shopify AR and at how they are implementing technology in giving their customers a befitting experience with their products.

Here, we share ten examples of these businesses that implemented Shopify enabled augmented reality stores. They all span across different industries and are implemented for various uses.

  1. Seinfeld Set Replica
    The Seinfeld Set Replica is a miniaturized version of the renowned iconic apartment which served as set for Seinfeld, the favorite American sitcom of the 90s. This miniaturized set is designed by the same production designer who worked on creating the set for the sitcom itself.
    Shopify AR gives you the opportunity to both view the replica of the set in the comfort of your home and move into the apartment to check out the various details of the apartment and give yourself a tour of the set generally.
  2. Instant Pot
    The Instant Pot pressure cooker comes with a long list of features which are easy to spot on upon examination of the pot itself.
    The 3D model which can be viewed in AR gives you a close up view of the different uses which are available also on the front panel. Also, you can check out the vent on the top of the pot as you tour around the Instant Pot from the comfort of your home.
  3. Bethesda
    One of Bethesda’s most renowned video game franchises is fallout. Now, with the provision of physical merchandise, aficionados and lovers of the franchise can go home with parts of the post-apocalyptic wasteland.
    Part of the impressive products which are motivated by the open-world games, the Armor Speaker of the T-51 is considered one of the higher-end items which you can view on AR to discover what it would look like when reunited with your entertainment setup.
  4. Nomatic
    The upside of having a Nomatic travel gear is the amount of compartments which it comes with and the assurance of a comfortable journey. The 3D model is designed in a way that allows you spin it around in AR in order to inspect the buckle, zipper and pockets on the outside.
  5. Treat a Dog
    The decision to buy a new bed is often considered herculean; even more difficult is the decision when it is a bed for your dog. However, with the AR enhanced product page that Treat a Dog offers, you can make the decision by placing the dog bed in different corners in your home to discover the perfect place for your dog.
  6. Pure Cycles
    Pure Cycles is one of the earliest companies to use Shopify AR and the first product they tested was their Urban Commuter Bike. Usually, bikes have different parts that are manufactured by different companies. With AR, you can inspect the bikes before even stepping into the bike shop.
  7. HORNE
    Also an earlier adopter of Shopify AR, HORNE possesses a catalogue of impressive home décor collectibles. Using the AR on Shopify, customers have the option of checking out the compatibility of the furniture with their personal spaces before deciding to buy.
  8. Biolite
    Their specialty is in providing innovative gear for camping which produces efficient heat, outdoor electricity and light, miles away from any source of power. With Shopify AR, you can view the products in their proper contexts before buying.
  9. EditorsKeys
    Video, audio and post-production editors and professionals use EditorKeys as an alternative for shortcuts while working. These people consider their studios to be very sacred and as such, they find AR very helpful in visualizing how the keyboard would fit in on their desks before they pay for it.
  10.  Supercell
    Ever heard of Clash of the Clans? Supercell is the company responsible for the development of the mobile game and their online store is packed with the opportunity for fans to show off their love for the games through small collectibles. With AR, these collectibles can be examined to determine how they would look on your desk before check out.

That’s our list of the most notable AR stores. If you now some other great examples, please drop us comments at [email protected].



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