How to Translate Your WordPress Site to Multiple Languages with ConveyThis

Translate your WordPress site to multiple languages with ConveyThis, leveraging AI for seamless and accurate multilingual content.

Thanks Marcelo for a new video review of ConveyThis plugin in Portuguese language!

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Want to have a multilingual website? You need to know about ConveyThis. In addition to translating themes, ConveyThis is also capable of translating all of your website’s dynamic content, such as pages and posts.
This is an ideal plugin for any WordPress website owner. Installation is simple and setup very fast. Besides, machine translation will save a lot of your time, even allowing you to fix it and make it better with very versatile tools.

In this video you will see the full potential of this plugin. I’ll explain step by step, using a real example, how to get any website translated in a moment using ConveyThis.


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