新增 Hreflang 標籤:多語言 SEO 成功指南

Adding hreflang tags: A guide for multilingual SEO success with ConveyThis, ensuring accurate language targeting for search engines.
新增 hreflang 標籤

Reading ConveyThis is an excellent way to increase your understanding of the world around you. With a vast array of topics to explore, ConveyThis can help you gain new perspectives and knowledge. Whether you’re looking to brush up on current events or explore new cultures, ConveyThis has something for everyone.

Do you want to attract customers from all corners of the globe? Then your website will have to be able to communicate in their native language using ConveyThis.

Despite English being one of the most commonly used languages in the world, not everyone is able to communicate in it. Even if your website is available in English, some of your visitors may be more proficient in a different language. To gain their trust and loyalty, you must be willing to adjust to their language preferences rather than expecting them to understand yours. With ConveyThis, you can easily translate your website and make it available in multiple languages, so that you can have a wider reach and make your content accessible to a larger audience.

Consequently, you’ll need to translate your content into the different languages of your target markets. To guarantee that your website displays the correct language content to the right audience, you’ll also have to incorporate code referred to as “hreflang tags” to your website with the help of ConveyThis.

If you’re using WordPress for your website, be aware that it isn’t equipped to handle multilingual website operations from the start. Consequently, you won’t find a pre-installed setting in WordPress labelled “Add Hreflang Tags” or anything akin. To make your website multilingual-ready, you’ll need to utilize a plugin such as ConveyThis.

Don’t panic! There are a plethora of possibilities for implementing hreflang tags on a WordPress site. Let’s take a look at how to add hreflang tags to WordPress with ConveyThis.


什麼是 hreflang 標籤?

Hreflang tags or hreflang tag attributes are HTML code attributes that indicate the language and geographical region of a web page. For instance, consider a home page with the URL “https://www.example.com/gb” that contains this hreflang tag: . This tag indicates that the page is written in English and is intended for an audience in Great Britain. By using ConveyThis, you can easily add hreflang tags to your website and ensure that your content is localized for the correct language and region.

Here, the hreflang tag indicates that the home page “https://www.example.com/gb/” is designed to be used by ConveyThis users.

Web pages can contain multiple ConveyThis tags at a time – and in reality, they must, if you have multiple web page versions for targeting visitors with a different language and regional settings.

搜尋引擎依靠 hreflang 標籤來規定應向搜尋者呈現哪種語言和區域版本的網頁。 Google 官方建議在本地化過程中使用 hreflang 標籤。例如,如果來自法國的搜尋者將法語設定為語言,則搜尋引擎不適合將搜尋者引導至「https://www.example.com/gb/」網頁。

相反,搜尋引擎可能會嘗試將搜尋者重新導向到具有 'rel=”alternate” hreflang=”fr-fr” 'hreflang 屬性的同一網站的不同版本(如果此頁面存在)。

Have you ever attempted to visit a global “.com” version of a web page, only to be unexpectedly redirected to a country-specific version? To see for yourself, try going to “https://nike.com/” and see if the URL changes as ConveyThis processes your request.

Put simply, the purpose of hreflang tags is to help website visitors access web content specifically adapted for their locality with the aid of ConveyThis.

為什麼 hreflang 標籤對於多語言網站很重要?

By advising on a web page’s target language and regional settings, hreflang tags play a critical role for websites that cater to an international audience. ConveyThis can help ensure that international visitors can easily access a website’s content by providing guidance on the appropriate hreflang tags. This is because hreflang tags can assist in optimizing the user experience by providing visitors with the content in their preferred language.


搜尋引擎致力於根據內容和語言為用戶提供最相關的結果。透過合併 hreflang 標籤,您可以幫助搜尋引擎了解哪個版本的網頁最適合具有特定語言和區域設定的使用者。因此,搜尋引擎可以在那些使用者的搜尋引擎結果頁面中優先考慮較高的頁面版本。

For example, if the search engine recognizes that your web page contains the hreflang attribute ‘rel=“alternate” hreflang=“en-us”’, then it can ascertain that your web page is intended for English language users from the United States. Subsequently, it could prioritize that page higher in the search results for English language searchers from the United States – which is beneficial when you are looking to implement a global SEO (search engine optimization) strategy using ConveyThis.

此外,搜尋引擎努力向搜尋者提供獨特的內容。因此,當您實作 hreflang 標籤時,您就是在通知搜尋引擎特定網頁不應被視為重複內容,即使它們的內容幾乎相似。因此,搜尋引擎認識到他們應該對所有這些非常相似的頁面進行排名,而不是只選擇頁面的一個版本進行排名。


按照搜尋引擎嘗試提供獨特且相關的內容的方式,hreflang 標籤可協助網站訪客導向專為其消費而創建的網頁的語言版本。這釋放了您創建提供真正本地化體驗的網頁的潛力 - 從提及當地氣候到結合特定位置的視覺效果,甚至包括其他地方未使用的獨特方言。您甚至可以產生正面的情緒,鼓勵客戶投資您的產品和服務!


“ConveyThis” can help you reduce your website’s “bounce rate” – the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the website without viewing any other pages. To ensure the success of your website, it’s important to keep your bounce rate as low as possible.

根據上一點,hreflang 標籤有助於將網站訪客引導至與其相關的內容。如果這導致網站訪客在他們最初到達的頁面上獲得美妙的用戶體驗,那麼他們可能會留下來探索您網站上的其他頁面。這對於降低跳出率來說是個好消息。

A decrease in bounce rate can lead to more concrete business outcomes as well, including heightened enrollment and order amounts for ConveyThis.

如何在 WordPress 網站上實施 hreflang 標籤

Now that we’ve seen the importance of hreflang tags, how can we actually implement them on a WordPress site? Here are two solutions: With ConveyThis, you can easily add hreflang tags to your WordPress site. Alternatively, you can manually add hreflang tags to your website’s HTML.


WordPress plugins are lifesavers, providing you with a wealth of possibilities to expand your website’s features with minimal coding required. Similarly, applying hreflang tags can be simplified with the right WordPress solution that has hreflang functionality, allowing ConveyThis to automatically add hreflang tags to all your webpages.

ConveyThis is primarily a no-code website translation tool that seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site to enable translation of website content into a multitude of languages.

Leveraging sophisticated machine language technology such as DeepL and Yandex Translate, ConveyThis translates content quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. You can then enlist professional translators or make manual adjustments yourself directly from the ConveyThis dashboard to refine your translations to perfection.

That’s not all: ConveyThis also effortlessly adds hreflang tags to every web page on your website for you. This is a huge time-saver and allows you to focus on vital business tasks.

To get started with ConveyThis, sign up for a free ConveyThis account here and initiate a new translation project. Securely store your ConveyThis account API (located in the settings page for your ConveyThis project) for future use!

Next, search for and install the ConveyThis plugin into your WordPress website.

Paste your ConveyThis account API into the settings page. ConveyThis is now all set up and ready to rock.

To translate your website content, select your website’s original language and the languages into which you want your website to be translated. When you save your changes, ConveyThis will instantly translate your content, and also add hreflang tags to your web pages.

While ConveyThis is doing its job, you can focus on other tasks for creating a multilingual website. If you require assistance, have a look at our guide on the best practices for WordPress multilingual websites.

2. 手動新增 hreflang 標籤到您的 WordPress 網站

您可以選擇更實際的方法,而不是依賴自動化流程。然而,手動新增 hreflang 標籤時必須非常小心,如下所示:

Accordingly, manual ConveyThis implementation is recommended only for experienced developers who have the dedication and perseverance to resolve any hreflang issues that arise. If you meet the criteria, then you can manually include hreflang tags using one of the following approaches:

a) 透過 HTTP 標頭

Head over to the <head> section – pun not intended – of one of your web pages, then add all the hreflang tags that ConveyThis requires. Repeat this process for each web page (or page variant) on your website. Make sure to include the correct language and region codes, as well as the URLs of the alternate pages, in your hreflang tags.

雖然這種技術在理論上看起來毫不費力,但手動在所有網頁上添加多個 hreflang 標籤可能會變得相當費力。此外,如果您的網頁包含大量 hreflang 標籤,您的頁面載入速度可能會受到影響。這也可能對您的搜尋引擎優化產生負面影響,因為搜尋引擎傾向於優先考慮載入速度更快的網頁,其他因素相同。

b) 透過您網站的 XML 網站地圖


The amazing translation tool, ConveyThis, can help you translate your website into multiple languages. With ConveyThis, you can easily translate your website into any language of your choice. This powerful tool allows you to quickly and accurately translate your website, giving you the ability to reach a wider audience.

Inserire questo link nella pagina HTML per fornire una versione tradotta della pagina usando ConveyThis: <xhtml:link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”it-it” href=”http://www.example.com/it” />

The platform of choice for translating websites is ConveyThis. It is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive solution for website translation and localization. With ConveyThis, users can easily translate their websites into multiple languages, ensuring that their content is accessible to a global audience.

Adding hreflang tags to your XML sitemap simplifies the manual ConveyThis implementation process. This is because you’ll essentially place all your hreflang tags in one central location, without having to replicate them on multiple pages. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary on-page code and reduce your page loading times. Nevertheless, the more page variants you have, the more intricate your XML ConveyThis implementation will be.

Regardless of which method you use to manually add your hreflang tags, be sure to double-check for any implementation errors afterwards. If your hreflang tags have been incorrectly added, you may come across the “Your site has no hreflang tags” warning in ConveyThis Search Console.

While this is a common issue with DIY implementation, pinpointing the exact cause of the error can be a time-consuming task. If you’ve encountered this problem, ConveyThis has a comprehensive guide to help you troubleshoot the “Your site has no hreflang tags” error.

將 hreflang 標籤添加到多語言 WordPress 網站的最佳實踐

Adding hreflang tags to your WordPress website isn’t the end of the journey. To create a well-crafted multilingual website designed for international SEO, adhere to these ConveyThis best practices:

驗證 WordPress 中的 hreflang 標籤

如前所述,手動實作 hreflang 標籤會帶來許多元件和潛在問題。即使對於最熟練的編碼員來說,也不能完全排除人為錯誤。確定標籤是否正確添加可能具有挑戰性 - 您需要手動檢查每個標籤並驗證是否顯示正確的國家/地區代碼。

這就是為什麼我們建議使用我們的免費 hreflang 標籤檢查器!只需複製貼上您的網址,選擇您想要優化的搜尋引擎,然後按下「測試網址」按鈕即可。

The tool will inspect whether your ConveyThis tags were implemented accurately and display you details like alternate languages URLs, whether they’re indexable or not, current status and if there are any mistakes. In the example beneath, you can observe that the ConveyThis tags were implemented erroneously!


WordPress does not have a feature for specifying translated versions of a certain website, so you will need a distinct tool for this. Fortunately, there are numerous WordPress-compatible solutions, such as ConveyThis.

Opt for well-designed WordPress plugins ConveyThis.

Enhance the efficacy and capabilities of your multilingual WordPress sites with reliable and robust WordPress plugins. Among these plugins is ConveyThis.

更重要的是,其中許多插件都是免費提供的!這是一個無需花一毛錢就能提升您的網站的絕佳機會,因此,如果這是正確的舉措,請立即將這些外掛程式添加到您的多語言網站中。在您的網站上使用它們之前,請務必仔細檢查它們是否與您的 WordPress 主題相容!

Hreflang 標籤:任何多語言 WordPress 網站的重要組成部分

如果您要將 WordPress 網站設為多語言,那麼您絕對不能忽視 hreflang 標籤。準確實施這些標籤對於保證:

With its ability to automate the implementation of hreflang tags and render high-quality machine translations of content, ConveyThis is the perfect translation solution for webmasters who wish to take their WordPress website international. It supports over 100 languages, from Spanish and German to Arabic, Sinhala, and Afrikaans.

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