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Work From Home

When the crisis hits, it’s time to search for new job opportunities.

Today, Translation Services USA announces that we have a job opening for a freelance blog writer to join our company.

As Covid19 has strongly hit the cities and lots of people are feeling the pain of self isolation, we are on the hunt to attract new people to work with us on the freelance basis as blog writers. We need English and German speaking blog writers to produce high quality content for our blogs and websites. A typical week would consist of submitting three articles (1,500 word each) with images, graphs, formatting, tags and sub-directories, ready to be published on WordPress blogs. Payment will be made with PayPal or Payoneer by your choice.

In order to be considered, you will need to perform a test 1,500 word assignment (non paid). To apply, please email to today.

This is a limited time opportunity.



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