What language would you translate your website to make the most money?

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Conveythis demo
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I’ve asked this question today and received the following answers:

  1. English – It is the most commonly spoken language in the world. Thanks to British empire, English is spoken everywhere even where it is not an official language. Lots of purchasing power online is concentrated with English speaking customers in US, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada and parts of Asia.
  2. Spanish – It is the second most popular language in the world and is very commonly spoken in the US. Spanish speaking population is growing, it is acquiring more and more purchasing power and if your product/service positioned properly can make your really rich. Spanish speakers are pretty straight forward and don’t ask much questions. If they like your product/service they will gladly subscribe/purchase it.
  3. Chinese – This is the third most popular language online. China is a huge country. It is not only huge, it is also very rich and very established. Unlike the Europe and North America, China has a way more ancient roots and history. Its dynasties were ruling for thousands of years, and Chinese people are sophisticated in their purchasing decisions and have lots of preferences for branded goods! Your product/service needs to be really standing out in order to attract Chinese buyers. Did you know that they are number one buyers of expensive Rolls Royeses and Hermes bags in the world?

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