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It is becoming an increasingly routine tradition for me to write a blog post announcing our new milestone. As a transparent and open global language company, we aim to conduct business in a way that brings trust and transparency in our internal processes; thus, we share our sales goals.

The new milestone was hit faster than we planned. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped a bit (or maybe not). It certainly added volatility in the number of new subscriptions and cancellations. The world has faced an unprecedented economic collapse and there is a possibility of a procrastinated economic slowdown of unseen proportions.

Reading the news on the telecommuting video app ZOOM which really took off during the coronavirus, it shows how the new priorities are being shifted. On the other hand, the popular co-working place WeWork is facing a lot of cash flow troubles as lots of small business owners are quarantined and asking for refunds.

We’ve hit the $4,000 monthly sales volume on April 1st. It’s our best month ever. We continue our aim to grow as a company with limited resources and engage in guerilla marketing. For that reason, we’ve dropped Google AdWords advertising as this customer acquisition channel proved to be too expensive comparing to other, more effective ways for marketing.

The next goal is $5,000 MRR! How long would it take us?

P.S. The Marketing Warfare is the book that influences me now. Highly recommend! https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/marketing-warfare_al-ries_jack-trout/260962/


Alex Buran

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