The Evolution of the Language Switcher

Today, almost everyone is trying to engage a global audience with their product or service. Whether it's reasonable or not, the trend has already been set. That means that now it is a necessity to reach out to foreign-speaking prospective customers. That's the trend: your website looks much more impressive and trusted if it’s multilingual.

What would you think of such website?

Imagine you don’t know anything about its background, but just from the first page you’ve visited you’ve seen that it has a language switcher. We guess your first thought would be along the lines of: "This website has lots of international visitors, and people from all over the world trust it." Why else would someone need to make their website multilingual and pay for it?

The ConveyThis language switcher has a space for you to experiment. Round or square flags, full language names or short abbreviations, left or right position on the page, and even vertical or horizontal position customizations.

So this is the way it works; just two simple steps. ConveyThis is built to help you scale internationally.

People from all over the world are waiting for you to engage them with your knowledge and service. And there are literally five minutes that separates you from them.