Translation Interface

Explore the Translation Interface

We knew that you would want your translations to be professionally proofread without causing you any inconvenience. So we made this possible.

The machine translation you get automatically from ConveyThis is fairly accurate. You can definitely rely on it. However, a manual translation is what will set your website apart from the rest. Editing your translations has never been easier. You can forget about pasting all translations in the admin panel and communicating with translators about each page. All you need to do is grant your translator access to your account and specify the list of pages (URLs) you need to be translated. If you work with our translators, it is even faster.

You will be able to review and manage all your content through one simple interface.

Here you will find three columns, each one for the appropriate content type. Edit meta tags, page text, and attributes through one simple interface. When you are done, press "save" and the result will appear on your website instantly.

You don't need a background in web development to work with ConveyThis. Anyone with access can work with the plugin and edit your translations. If you need either minor or deep proofreading to be performed, our professional translators are ready at your disposal. However, if you decided to work with your own translators or hire a third party, you can do that, too. This is very convenient, especially when working with freelancers, because you don’t need to give them access to your website. All editing can be handled from your personal account, so all your data will be completely safe. You can learn more about our privacy policy here.

Whether you have a small website or a big one, you can manage all the pages you want to be translated. Thus you can save money and work around your limitations by removing those pages from your account that are not important for you anymore.

So don’t wait. Check for yourself and see the accuracy of the translations. One minute for registration, another one for installation and integration, and you're ready to go international.