Top Ten (10) Tips That Will Improve Your Ecommerce Seo In 2020

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One thing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that it is a process that helps to improve the visibility of your website on search engines. When your website has higher ranking, there will be more traffic that would eventually result in more sales. Everybody wants more sales for their eCommerce website and likewise you too.

It may be very easy for owners of large enterprises or big businesses to improve their eCommerce SEO than small scale businesses because they have enough resources to handle it. Unlike small scale businesses that may be lacking needed resources, money, and time. To such small businesses, improving eCommerce SEO can be a tremendous responsibility. Although this may be true but if you ensure proper strategies in improving your eCommerce SEO, then you will see that it is not as difficult as you might have thought.

In this article, we will discuss top ten (10) tips that can help you improve your eCommerce SEO greatly. Now let us take them one after the other.

1. Vary Your SEO Strategy – Diversify:

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As eCommerce business person, you will want to apply several different strategy for your eCommerce website instead of using just a singular approach. For example, many owners of eCommerce websites have pay-per-click campaign or approach as the biggest share of their SEO strategy. Truely, pay-per-click campaigns are very effective in driving traffic to their websites but with time there is a daily increase in the cost of such campaign. And if you try to minimize cost by stopping to make payments for it, your SEO ranking will drastically reduce.

So the point is that rather than relying on a singular approach, vary your approach by having several traffic driving approach implemented.

2. Start Blogging:

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An Article By Ramona Sukhraj On ‘Blogging Statistics To Boost Your Strategy’ noted that there is 13x likelihood of getting a positive Returns on Investment (ROI), 67% more leads for B2B marketer than others, and indexed pages of about 434% for websites of marketers who prioritise blogging.

You will agree that blogging is a powerful means of making your website more visible on search engines. That is why many eCommerce website, more than ever before, are now adopting this method to provide essential as well as meaningful contents for the visitors of their website.

Are you getting worried about how you will go about setting up your own blog? Well, if you will like to create and develop your own blog from basic to advanced level, you can read more about this in the article ‘How To Start a Blog’’. And if you are not ready for that, some of the eCommerce platforms such as Shopify already has an embedded blogging section that does not require you to start building from the scratch.

 3. Review Contents That Are Duplicate:

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You must have heard before now that Google gives penalty to contents that are duplicates of others. The fact that eCommerce sites have many products and products descriptions that looks very much alike makes them prone to such penalty.  To be sure that your contents are not a duplicate of some other contents, you should review your content by doing a site audit. If there is any problem after the audit, you can get them fixed using Canonical URLs.

4. Get Your Product Listing Optimized:

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In previous articles, we have talked about how to increase your sales on Shopify. Under this section, we will now highlight six (6) things you can do to get your product listing optimized.

  • Ensure your product titles and description are clear

To do this, you can employ the use of long keywords such as ‘black Gucci belt’ instead of simply writing ‘belts’. Also remove or don’t use words that potential customers will likely not search.

When it comes to naming, there is a convention. Ensure you follow this convention. That is Brand -> Product name -> Color -> Style -> Material -> Size -> Features.

  • Get your product categories optimized using A/B testing

Perform A/B testing to see which products performs better because multiple products categories are not allowed on many Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs)

  • Use images with high qualities.
  • Make sure the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of your product listing is only text.

Keep tab on broken links.

  • To prevent drop in listing, ensure you daily budget is updated.
  • Get your data field updated.

This is very important because it will not be suitable if on-clicking on a specific product, the customer discovered that it is out of stock. If such situation persist, you will have an increased bounce rate on your site.

5. Refine Your Product Images:

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It is very good and advisable to use high quality images for your site. Also ensure that your keyword contains relevant alt attributes. So that search engines can quickly relate with your contents and thereby make it easier for users to locate contents the want.

6. Have Unique Meta Descriptions For Each And Every Web Page:

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Never make the mistake of having the same Meta descriptions for all of the pages of your website. Remember that your contents are for intelligent human. So when having a Meta description, ensure you have different descriptions for each of the pages.

7. Make It Easy To Navigate Your Site:

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The pages of your products should be design in such a way that it will be easy for visitors of your website to browse through. You can make it so easy that with just one click from your homepage or blog articles, visitors can get in touch with their desired products. It will be disastrous for your business if you allow visitors to keep searching through your page for a long time before seeing what they are looking for because people nowadays are not that patient for such and search engines will not return result because of the difficulty in navigating your site.

8. Refine The Site’s Anchor Text:

The clickable text having a hyperlink that appears on your site is known as anchor text. There is this common mistake that many people tends to make in the course of using anchor text. The mistake of using anchor texts like ‘click here’, ‘click THIS’ or ‘Enter here’ to direct people to learn more about certain things. You might have noticed such mistake too in our previous articles. That is to say nearly everybody, including you had at sometimes made the mistake.

You should try to use keywords for the links and this will help you improve your eCommerce SEO. For instance, if you want to direct people to learn more about ConveyThis, instead of using ‘click here’, you can use “learn more about a special solution that helps with website translation and localization automation using a single line of code by visiting ConveyThis.”

9. Enhance You Site To Accommodate Mobile Devices:

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Apart from the mistake of using anchor text inappropriately, another mistake that some are making is that their websites are not designed to accommodate mobile phones. But the truth is that many of the users of internet are likely to browse the internet with their phones. It will not good for your business if your site is not mobile friendly. Apart from the fact that plenty visitors will want to browse your product using their phone, a mobile friendly website has higher consideration when it comes to Google ranking.

As you are planning to launch your site, make sure it is optimized to accommodate mobile devices such as phones and tablets. And it will be best to review your website if you already launched one to check if it is enhanced for mobile. One way to check is by visiting the website with a phone by yourself and see how it will appear on it to analyze user’s experience.

You may also want to use mobile-friendly test tools by Google to check. You can do this by simply inserting your site’s URL and from there Google will return black or white answer to indicate whether it is mobile friendly or not. If you come to discover that it is not mobile friendly, you can make it mobile friendly by getting mobile plugin installed or if that is not satisfactory you may try to change the themes. However, should the problem persist, then you need to redesign or overhaul the whole of the website.

 10. Get Page Loading Time Improved:

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Every site owners should prefer pages that load like a jet to the ones that load like a snail. This is because pages that load slowly will discourage visitors and thereby leads to higher bounce rate which will have a negative effect on your eCommerce SEO.

eCommerce  Page Insights is a tool that can help you analyse the speed of your site. As you can see in the image below, just insert your URL in the field provided on the page, then click on ANALYZE. Google will analyse the page and inform you of areas that need adjustments or improvements.  When you see these areas, try to adjust them accordingly.

In this article, we have discussed top ten (10) tips that can help you improve your eCommerce SEO greatly. These tips, when applied, will help you with your eCommerce SEO. However, it takes time to get an improved SEO that is why it is a long time commitment. So do not expect to see results overnight. Keep up the commitment and you will achieve improved eCommerce SEO.



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