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Top Languages for your Business – Opportunities for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

International business owners and entrepreneurs often search for opportunities that will provide language solutions for their businesses. The reason for this is that the world has gradually become a small place and there will be a need to communicate effectively in such a place.

However, this seeming small place has numerous languages. In fact over 7000 different languages are spoken when it is only some 23 of these languages that takes over half of the global population. Is there any reasons for this statistics? Yes, because for a business to thrive on the global scale, owners of businesses needs to start considering which and what language will be needed to reach a far more audience than the others.

Now let us consider areas with a large population. The top ten places with dense population in the world are Macau, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Bahrain, Vatican City, Maldives, Malta, and Sint Maarten. As if having a huge number of population is not enough, these areas also have different languages in each of them. For instance, you can find Chinese and Portuguese as languages prominent among the Macanese. Also, Mandarin Chinese, English language, Malay, and Tamil are languages that are prominent among the dwellers in Singapore.

The truth is that it may not be possible to use all the over 7000 languages for your business but businesses may want to focus on the most spoken languages. Some of these prominent languages are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, and Hindi. Well, that may not be a conventional standard for you and you then may want to use the standard of the official languages of the United Nation’s book i.e. Arabic, English, Russian, French, Chinese, and Spanish. Truly, these languages when nicely brought together and used, they can be a very useful tool in reaching a far wider international audience.

Another thing you should bear in mind is which language is more effective or vastly used in your industry to reach audience. This is so because there are some languages that goes hand in hand with different niche. For instance, French is closely associated with things like ballet, wine, and food whereas when it comes to financial related issue, English language is widely used than any other language.

At this point of this article, it will be nice to discuss top languages that businesses can try to explore and make wise use of in order for them to reach a wider audience. This is not a joking matter because the success of your business is contingent on how you communicate with your intended audience.

But before talking about the top languages, lets us see why it is good to not only translate your website but also to localize it.  We will also discuss how you can translate your website to many languages with little or no stress.

Reason and Benefit you can get when you localize your website:

If you offer an enhanced experience to foreign visitors of your website, you can be sure that you will attract more of them to your products and services. Statistics have always shown that it is best to offer your website in different languages. For example, more than 70 in 100 users of the internet agreed that they prefer to visit a website in their local/indigenous languages. Even at that, about half of the internet searches on Google are done in a different language from English language. You will therefore agree that it is a waste of time delaying your website translation and localization process because you are still contemplating whether it is good to do so or not. If you don’t take advantage of translation and localization then you it will be difficult to perform excellently in sales and global awareness of your brand.

Translating your business website into multiple languages (top languages) with little to no stress:

It is nothing that difficult to translate your website. In fact, you don’t need to complicate the process for yourself because once you have the right working tool you can expand the limit of your international audience. What tool is that? ConveyThis is the perfect answer to your translation and localization worries.

ConveyThis is a suitable to that helps to adjust your website and its content in such a way that it will not only meet the needs of your international audience but also suits the audience. How so? Once the plugin is properly installed and launched, it has the ability to automatically detect all strings of word that can be found on the website as well as widgets, buttons and other plugins. From there, it will allow you to do the translation of your website into multiple languages automatically without any delay.

Against the idea that it could be restricted to machine translation, ConveyThis combines machine and human effort to give you the best result. This is possible because on translating your website, you have the opportunity to edit what was translated so that what is been conveyed in each and all of the sentences and content can appropriately reflect cultural balance in all of the languages. Also, words such as brand names and product names that are special words and needs not to be translated can be marked in order to exempt them.

You have the opportunity to work with collaborators just within your ConveyThis dashboard. And it is even more convenient such that you can employ the services of one of the professional translators from ConveyThis to help you with your work so that it can meet the intended standard.

The major concern of this article is the top languages that are best for your website. The reason is that the first thing you will need to indicate on your ConveyThis dashboard when you want to translate is the language you will want to translate your website into of the over 90 languages available on the platform.  If you are not convinced of the best or top languages you can use for your business, you may end up making the wrong choice. Hence, here are the top languages you can select.

Top languages for your business:

Don’t forget that some languages or regions are synonymous to some industries than they are to others. This will help you to make better choice. If you will be working on manufacturing, it is right to think of Chinese because you will likely work with some of their enterprises. When thinking about upcoming industries, you will likely think of Portuguese because of the Brazil factor. Also, you can’t do without the massive audience in the Middle East when you are thinking about oil sector.

To choose the right language for your business, try and search for the location’s position on the industrial level. This is because certain languages are not restricted to just one country. For example, Spanish is spoken in not only Spain but as well as in places like Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru etc. same as German is spoken not only in Germany but also in places like Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, and Luxembourg.

Apart from the popular English language, let us see three other popular languages that you can think of when planning to translate your business website.


There are over 900 million indigenous speakers of this language in the world. That is why it is the most widely spoken language in the world. The Chinese market is a nice one to consider for your business because it is one of the major competitor for the title of largest economy with the United States as China boasts of $15.2 trillion GDP in 2020. Also, ecommerce and manufacturing industry are some the main sector that thrive in China.

You will likely want to tap into this huge number but it is worthy to note that English is not a common language in China. So, if all your website could offer is English language, you will be missing big time a great deal of vast audience of a fast moving economy. But if otherwise, i.e. your website is translated to Chinese – Mandarin, you can tap into such a promising market.


Although Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, some are not aware. It is behind Chinese and it is widely spoken in southern and northern America. And bearing in mind that America has a very large economy you will want to use this opportunity to tap into it. As if that is not enough, Spanish is spoken in some parts of Africa too.

It is believed that Hispanic community as well as Latin American whose population currently sits around 60 million is said to be doubled by the year 2050. Therefore, you will agree that Spanish is a foreign language that should be considered for translation and localization now.

You will enjoy this most especially if you are thinking of the automobile sector and electronics marketing as Mexico is a green location for these.   


Currently, there are over 200 million speakers of German around the world. Interestingly, these speakers are from different economies of the world. They live in places like Germany itself, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

The language will be very useful when you think of engineering, machines, or the automobile industry. With its giant, Volkswagen, Germany leads this industry category.

As if that’s not enough, when it comes to researches in social science, health and medicines, Art, and even psychology you can always count on Germany.

The above three languages are not the only promising languages for businesses. In fact, you can think of Russian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic etc. You can do more researches of your industry and the targeted location, this will help you make the right choice of languages you need. You can be assured of increase sales when you translate and localize your website and its content. And you can only grab that when you do it properly and employ the use of ConveyThis as your translation and localization tool. You can be assured of a very fast translation that combines both machine and human effort to give you the best, without any further delay, sign up in order to start using the tool today.


Kavita Ramgahan

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