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Plugins for WordPress

Are you done with the impersonal and highly mechanized websites on the internet and want to make your own WordPress site more personal and interactive? There is actually a very positive trend, which is now taking over several sites on the internet. The live chat plugs enable the users to approach the bloggers and ask questions without having to hesitate or worry that they will have to wait for a long time to get answers. Live chats now enable them to ask questions and have them answered promptly. There are many live chat plugins for WordPress, but here are the best 5 of them.

Plugins for WordPress

  1. LiveChat: LiveChat is one of the most popular and widely used live chat plugins that are used today in sites over WordPress. An impressive chat box appears on the screen of your customer’s computer. The box stays there all the time and is within easy access of the users. They can click on it anytime and have a nice chat with you or your agents so that there are no delays or gaps in the communication process.
  2. ZohoSalesIQ: ZohoSalesIQ is one of the coolest plugins for WordPress as you can customize it according to your needs and wishes. There are a lot of impressive features like tracking your visitors and interact with them both online and offline. The ZohoScalesIQ enables you to interact globally as it has automatic translation properties which make two-way chat even more interactive and free from any communication gaps.
  3. Click Desk Live Support: If you are looking for a super quick live chat plugin then Click Desk Live Support is best for you. It has the fastest means of communication in both call and voice chats as well. This has a global reach too since there are automatically programmed translation tools in it which help you understand and respond to messages created in an entirely different language. This increases your credibility and your response rate gets higher making Click Desk Live Support one of the best live chat plugins for WordPress.
  4. Zopim Live Chat:Zopim is a great live chat plugin which has undoubtedly credibility as it has won awards for being the top live chat plugin on WordPress. It has a very simple and practical layout and process which creates ease for both the visitors and you or your agents when it comes to having a live chat. The chat box widget is at the bottom of the screen which visitors can click anytime to initiate a live chat with you.
  5. Quick Chat: Quick Chat is one of the quickest live chat plugins if the name is any indication. Quick Chat is a self-hosting chat plugin which is quite easy to use as it saves a lot of time for you and your visitors. You get to control all the databases and communication processes so there is no third party involvement in it.

These are the best 5 live chat plugins for WordPress which we are sure you will love. So, go ahead and give them consideration if you want to make your website more interactive and reliable.





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