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The Best Shopify App To Make Your Webstore Multilingual

As you all know, in order to become a happy person and live a rich life, we need money, lots of money. And in order to make money we need sell our goods or services to more customers. And in order to find more customers, we need to talk to them in their own language: Spanish, French, German, Swedish, Japanese – you name it. So, if you have your website translated in all these languages, you would get more traffic, sales and money! Sounds about right?

So, what is the solution? The solution is to try to make your website multilingual. The sooner, the better. Multilingual websites attract more organic traffic. And the organic traffic is free and converts the best.

Check out the new Video Review by Andreas Waatz on ConveyThis Translator for Shopify.

And the best part is that this plugin offers human translation options. You can hire a linguist to do a quality job for you and have your store proofread before your customers see it. The quality content attract quality buyers. That’s what it seems.

So, leave us your thoughts and comments. Would you find this plugin helpful to reach your sales goals?



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