The End in Sight for Google-Translate for Websites!

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google translate logoThe end in sight for Google-Translate for Websites!

Companies across-the-board make use of the Google-Translate platform. This service has always been available at no-cost with a full, multilingual and easy-use interface. Platform dynamics, applies automation technologies in producing the end-state linguistic result. There’s no doubt, that companies found exceptional convenience in applying this technology as an aid to translation and market expansion.

What’s new? Well, the Google-Translate for Website service will be down-scaled. This situations impact to end-user platforms, will have a dramatic spin-off as companies strive to fulfill the resident-needs of its clients. The result? – Clients will not be able to access the platform anymore, and regular customers will find that the service interface will gradually disappear altogether. Companies have experienced the impact of the move already.

The question arises – What would be the reason behind this decision? Specialist in the field had this to say:

Monetary giant – The platform had an tremendous following, however the believe is that the sheer size of managing such things as data-banks, records, admin and-the-like, became a monster to the brand and with no returns in hand.

Misuse of the operating system interfaces – Original design dynamics placed emphasis on multilingual-translate-protocols enabling the developer free scope to tune-in on updating the system data-framework, to the benefit of the end-user product. What this meant, is that the Google-Translate bundle would improve accuracy in time. As it were, organizations decided to rather levy-a-fee to clients and not update the dynamics of original intention.

Corrupted data streams – This said, system strength emanated from linguistic information gathered over time that “taught” and provided the cornerstone to the complete platform of overall language records, as used by the system. Noted above, updating the platform would have provided framework-orientated material, but as this never transpired as intended, the system had corrupted to the extent of an inferior product that became a burden to its host.

How would this affect the client?

The impact of the situation lays base for understanding the dynamics of operating system interfaces and how this tied in with the end-user product. Just the inclusion of some programming strings to the platform design interface, provided online scalability to multilingual data-forms. This provided drop-scroll indexes in multilingual presentation.

dropdown1The Google-Translate multilingual drop-scroll index 

Interface-design, directed clients with their linguistic choice onto a platform quite suitable to their needs, including a text-line, for instance: “?ling=se” – let the interface display the computer-related-text in the Swedish language. Elements like these helped the design-team formulate a path for clients visiting the platform, to an easy translation experience and avoiding the drop-scroll index as previously displayed.

Companies included interfaces, hoping this may be a means to engage clients and staff. Benefits of this method were related to no-monetary requirements, with easy-use on the platform. Little interaction made for a translated online-page. Concerns was related to the content-accuracy in the text. Occasionally a “humoristic” element appeared as to the text, other times text was acceptable but just short of problematic in appearance.

Makeup-and-design displayed within the online-platform related to the accuracy presented as well. Platforms hosting technologically-advanced advertising and directed forms of textual formats, did not fair well on the language accuracy side. Making use of this facility could very well provide a low-grade service and, adding to that, may lead to embarrassing information and a bad reputation with potential clients.

Considering facts

Using this method could very well deface the companies goals. Clients would think their business is counted as “cheap” and not needed. Just not a favorable place to reside-in for a worldwide consumer market-place, that may very well provide a sizable income to business.

The Solution

Direct your business-translation needs in the right direction and contact a world-class leader in online-translation. We at are standing-by to deliver a first-class solution in website-designed, multi-language platforms that are developed around your brand and customer base. is a proven market leader in language-design and customized formats.

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