ConveyThis x Shopify

Make Your Website Multilingual in 5 Minutes
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo

For some e-commerce platforms and website builders, it’s absolutely normal to prevent third-party apps from penetrating into their marketplaces, others prefer to endorse independent developers to create their apps so they can be listed in their marketplaces and provide all users with a more optional, transparent and sometimes even more advanced software. It’s worth mentioning that sometimes the submission process may take a lot of time, especially when you are trying to get listed in large marketplaces. If you are trying to do something like this, you need stock up with a lot of patience because this process can be extremely exhausting. We are currently trying to promote ConveyThis on many platforms and we know that our strategy has so far proved itself.

This autumn we received approval from another very important and very large e-commerce platform – Shopify. This website builder stands not so much for simplification of the user experience, but for giving them as much opportunities as possible to expand their influence and grow their sales. That’s why Shopify not only has its own powerful development team to design new apps that help merchants to build highly converted stores, but encourages independent developers to do the same and welcome new technologies that can benefit its merchants.

If you have a Shopify site, try out ConveyThis App and make your site multilingual today.



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