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ConveyThis in action on a website.

What is ConveyThis?

ConveyThis is the fastest, easiest way to translate your WordPress blog into over 80 languages instantly!

Installing the ConveyThis Translate plug-in consists of just a few simple steps and takes no more than 2 minutes.

After installation and activation, each line of your site will be translated into the desired language with machine translation or by professional translators.

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Plugin configuration screen.

How do I install ConveyThis on my website?

Configuring ConveyThis is so simple, you'll be up and running in just a a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up on the register page
  2. Copy your activation key. It will look like this: pub_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Download the plugin and install it on your WordPress website; activate it using your key.
  4. Select your desired language settings.
  5. View any page on your WordPress site and switch to the desired foreign language; this will load all of the page's text into your account for translation.
  6. All your page's translations can also be edited manually through your account panel when you sign in.

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What are the minimum installation requirements for ConveyThis?

  • WordPress 4.0 or higher
  • PHP version 5.3 or higher

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What does the free plan include?

The ConveyThis plugin has a free plan that suits small sites. This plan includes 1 language and is limited to 2,000 words. If you need more, you can upgrade to a different plan. More information can be found here.

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The My Translations page.

Can I edit the translation?

Yes, you can edit the translation in your account on the My Translations page. All changes will be displayed on your site.

Note that in order to load your site's text into your ConveyThis account, you must view the page on your WordPress site first and switch to the desired foreign language; this will save all of the page's text into your account for translation, which you can then edit from the My Translations page.

On the My Translations page, select whichever page you want to edit the translations for from the Page dropdown near the top of the page. Your translations will then be loaded on the page, with the original text on the left and the current translation on the right. You can edit the translation by clicking the text.

Important: your translations will not be saved until you press the Save Translations button at the bottom of the screen! We will try to warn you before you leave the page without saving your changes.

If you want to remove the page and all of its translations from your account, you can click the Remove Page button at the bottom of the screen. Use caution though as there is no undo and no way to retrieve any translations once the page is deleted.

If you have ConveyThis installed on more than one website, you can select which domain you want to edit the translations for from the Domain dropdown.

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Will the search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, etc.) index the translated pages?

Of course. ConveyThis creates a unique URL prefix based to the language selected (for example: /ru/ for Russian or /es/ for Spanish), which will be indexed by all search engines.

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Watch our video.

Check out our video:

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