Reasons Start-ups need a Multilingual Website

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Business Start-ups are usually interested in getting the edge ahead of their competitors. A very crucial and easy means to that end is having a website that is accessible in multiple languages i.e. multilingual website. One major strong point of translating a website and rendering the website in various different languages is that there is a clear benefit for doing such. And the benefit is that more languages for your website will definitely result in more users from various parts of the world because when you have a multiple language website, it must have opened you and your brand to multiple markets around the world. Unlike any other ways of trying to be in the fore front of a competitive market, the output that results from translating business websites into multiple languages cannot be overemphasized as it is a sure way of getting an edge among fellow competitors.

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From what we are seeing around us today, it is evident that markets and businesses that are available in other languages other than English have overtime come to realize the importance of ensuring that their products or web content is made available in market locations that are English language dominated. As of the 4th of October, 2020, w3techs estimated that 60.1% of the internet or web contents are in English languages whereas there are only some 25.9% of users of the internet that are English-speaking. This is to say that over 75% of the users of internet are not being properly taken care of when it comes to their language option. What a great opportunity for you to take an advantage of! Is there anything delaying you to take an advantage of this?

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These statistics are the ones we can see around us today but one thing is obvious about the result of the survey; having a multilingual strategy is moving from being a competitive strategy to becoming a paramount and very necessary strategy for businesses to thrive and this is because the globalization process is not only becoming fast-paced but also getting much accelerated. That is a good reason you should start early and right away.

Nearly all start-ups that offers one form of paid service or the other accept payments from anywhere around the world, not in a single currency but different currencies and make shipping around the world available when there is a need for such. However, they are not speakers of the languages of their customers and even their products are not multilingual. This should not be so, as it totally makes no sense. Reason being that over 72% of consumers on the internet had mentioned that they are more likely to patronize a brand or purchase a product that has information in the language of their hearts; their local languages. As if that is not enough, some 56% of buyers of products cherished it when they find product information in their languages and in fact, they value it more than they value knowing the price of such products.

Products, even when they are new can excel in a competitive market when such products have multilingual presence because a multilingual presence offers a low cost means of competing with major competitors in the market. If you have other businesses that directly compete with yours, you can be sure that you will get more customers attracted to you because your product provides a multilingual descriptions that is properly and effectively localized when your competitors are not doing such. If your said competitors refuses to take the multilingual and localization steps, hardly will the competitor’s products be heard of. Having a multilingual and a well localized product is instrumental to the success of your business. It will create a bustle for your brand, thereby making your brand get geometric attractions of new ones visiting your products. And you will gain all these without having to constantly worry about things that makes you different from your competitors as well as save you from getting into things or taking actions that can have negative effect on your business such as trying to reduce the prices of products you offer. There are examples of start-ups that have used this strategy of multilingual by launching and sustaining websites that are translated into some six (6) different languages. Such step has make maintaining good marketing routine a cost effective one, widens the market reach beyond boundaries and increase the promotion of their brands in new markets while maintain low budget on any marketing strategy that has been planned.

If we are to compare using the value of cost, it is very sure that there is no other option for companies that are start-ups to achieve a massive geometric increase in the audience targeted and more prospective consumers overnight using such a very low investment plan.

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The above chat is the statistics survey report graph outlining the penetration rate of the users of web or internet in China between the period of December 2008 and March 2020. From the report, the numbers of users of internet in China have risen to some approximate 904 million far more that the 829 millions of users estimated in December 2008. Just imagine, only in China there are whooping 904million users as at March 2020! Now, think of offering your products and services in Chinese. Visualize your brand showing up when there is a search in Chinese search engines. Imagine what the result would be if your brand has a very fine review in one of the blogs available in Chinese where many users flood to read articles and get to know about products. It will definitely be a boom for your business. That is why you should translate your website into not just Chinese but into various languages across the globe. Although it is not easy translating your website, yet it is possible and it is worth the commitment if you will like to go global and take your brand to a greater heights.

Right from the first line in this article, we have talked about start-ups. Is that to say that multilingual strategy is limited to star-ups alone? No is the answer. All businesses online and websites is encouraged to key in to the multilingual strategy. However, for start-ups it is a vital need. Reason is that start-ups are often short of finances and they have a meaningful numbers of other brands competing against them. It is easy to quickly pack out of the market if not careful and that is why starting a new market and trying to get across to customers from different base goes a long way to tell who will remain in the market.

At this point some may be a little bit curious wondering and asking thought provoking question such as “if multilingual strategy is that profitable, why then is everybody not doing it?” Well, it is good to think about this question and that shows your level of interest in multilingual strategy. Number one thing you need to know is that many people today will not try something new unless it is mandatory, probably becomes a necessity or it is a requirement. Many of them are pretty comfortable with the present numbers of customers, and even get obsessed with the information the already have and refuses to widen their horizon, and they keep spending expecting results.  One prominent example of this is the mobile technology. Many laughed at the idea and choose not to go mobile at the onset as they wondered who will ever come patronizing brands and purchasing goods and services on the tiny screens of mobile phones. However, today the popular saying “the one who laughs last, last the best” becomes true because business owners and innovators who were very smart quickly go into mobile at the early days of it and today, they have benefited maximally for doing such. Same is what is happening today as many are yet to decide to venture into multilingual translation and some are even still getting hooked down at the stage of getting a responsive websites for their products. The number two thing is that many assumed that website translation is a very difficult thing to do. They thought that it takes too much time and it is too expensive. Well, it is true that translation can be time consuming and could be very expensive in the past, but nowadays there are efficient and very effective way to translate a website without undue financial stresses. There are many of them that are readily available if you make a simple search for them. 

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