Patent Applications & Language Formalities – The Japanese Market

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Patent Applications & Language Formalities – The Japanese Market   

The Japanese market forms a substantial presence in terms of filing submissions. Standing third in line behind the American and Chinese on a global scale, make them a notable role player. The Japanese filing authority handled more than three-hundred-thousand submissions during the previous year, however around nineteen percent of these came from foreign sources. This status lays focus on the foreign market considering patent legitimacy towards the Japanese arena. Also to keep in mind, such things as the substantial price involved and language barriers encountered. With this mindset, should your submissions be regular or are freshly introduced to this area of business, we will discuss a number of ideas that can assist in this endeavor:

A. Linguistics – filling in of patent forms

English may be used initially, however Japan requires filing of forms to their language that include notices, diagrams and other requirements to be done by a period no later than fourteen months from inception. With regard the Patent Cooperation Treaty submission time, language change-over should be submitted just short of the three-year requirement. Extra time for submission may be extended on application and be granted for 60 days at no cost.

B. Typographical linguistic errors

It is noted, that Japanese linguistic mistakes are uppermost in transcreation errors and copy right. What leads to this situation? Well it needs to be understood that Japanese comprises over a diverse variety of alphabetical compilations, in actual fact, there are no less than 4 individual language styles involved. The importance then of a submission to standards as depicted by the alphabetical style can be appreciated, especially to avoid confusion. Therefore a service provider such as can go a long way in proper application and linguistic formatting.

C. Early-bird values

The country and society of Japan, holds to the value of whoever stands or submits their application ahead of the next, will duly be served in front. There is no time stamp placed on this value in any way. Therefore, make sure that no discussions with regard the designs be mentioned, and those parties privy to this be bound in written documented form. (Per example)

D. Design work

To establish designs work located within the Japanese system may be an arduous task to the outsider, especially with regard the language barrier. There are mechanical, multilingual material in circulation. This material can be extracted via an online record system at no cost.

E. Important submissions

Documents submitted to the European Patent administration will have to be handed in to the Japanese authorities as well. The reason behind this is that the World Intellectual Property Organization record data center, provide a service of moving information from one authority to another. Japan is a member to this service.

F. Assigning onsite representation

Without Japanese interests, the submission can still be facilitated by Japanese lawyers or other companies, that that have rights on engaging with the Japanese Patent-Office and authority.

G. Affidavit

It is not required to have an Affidavit presentation on indicating a Japanese lawyer or facilitator to handle matters. An Affidavit may need to be drafted should there be litigation involved to a submitted design. It will however not be required for an Affidavit to accompany the legal appointment details of a facilitator.

H. Online submissions

The Japanese Patent Office does accept online, either written or mechanical formats. Be advised however that significant price could be levied with transition from written to mechanical and therefore it will be wise to do this online rather.

I. Formatting the design

The patent office is quite flexible to information related to the design. Information needs to be accurate and the design should preferably be of high quality. Further changes to the design may not be allowed, therefore make sure that detail takes priority.

J. Extra cost on submissions

No extra costs are levied on first submissions, however ever additional submission escalates administration-type duty cost. This country does rank higher in relation to cost, but this can be curbed by withdrawing the amount of submissions before administrative duties are levied.

K. Administrative periods

Arrangements for administrative related requirements need submission before the 36 month deadline is over. Should this not happen, the submission is canceled.


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