New Customers Case: 35% of Traffic Increase Just in Two Months with ConveyThis

New Customers Case: Witness a 35% traffic increase in just two months with ConveyThis, showcasing the power of effective website translation.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
amazing discovery

We would like to present you one interesting case that we’ve been watching for months. We promise this is going to be a good one.

amazing discovery

So let’s dive into our breakthrough discovery.

For sure, all of us looking for additional ways to increase our website’s traffic.
Creating a multilingual site it’s not usually the one that people choose. Because it doesn’t help increasing a number of new user that much. This helps to get additional incoming traffic, make your existing customers more loyal, however, if getting more traffic is the only goal, then you’d better take some other steps, that will affect your traffic directly. For instance, marketing campaigns, professional SEO optimization and all sort of promotions. This is how everyone was thinking!

We were lucky to see the opposite just recently.

There is a simple way when adding extra languages to your website can increase your traffic significantly. This is not a special case where any other lead generation methods were involved, just simply language button was added to the website. This method could be applicable to any website.

One of our dedicated clients has a website selling marble thresholds. Besides this website the owner has a main stone fabrication business, so online sales have never been their first concern or asset.
Until now!

They found out that the traffic started to grow and let us know. We decided to make a test.
The main point was to let the website work without any marketing support or outside promotions for several months and see the results. Fortunately, they haven’t been running any promotions for many months and we realized that it can be a chance to find out a completely impartial result of plugin’s impact to website’s SEO and website’s success as a whole.

The discovery was amazing.

Their website’s traffic increased in 35% just for two months.
Below are the screenshot of their Google analytics dashboard where you can see it for yourself.

google analytics

Also, we checked how their website was performing during the last two months with one of the most powerful and accurate SEO tools,



As you can see that proves the data from their Google analytics account. To top of it, the trend keeps staying and unique visits keep growing.

We are now testing some other websites that already showing similar results.
We always consider a multilingual website as something that we can put in the bottom of our to-do list and postpone for better times. Our research showed, not for the first time by the way, that it may be a very smart idea to create a multilingual site if you want to increase your site’s traffic.

Update your plan today to gain more visits and drop us comments on how it’s performing for you. We can always be found at [email protected]

Source: Translation Services USA Blog

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