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Translating websites into multiple languages hasn’t been so easy as it had become lately when ConveyThis came to existence. It used to be difficult to translate websites. You had to extract source files, images, scripts and ask your webmaster to send them to a translation agency and they would require to work only with certain formats such as MS Word or Excel. It was a lot of コピー&ペースト and the future updates to the website copy had faced even more hurdles. How can you find out what content had changed and what had not? Maintaining a foreign version of a website was a nightmare.

しかし、これはすべて過去のものです! wordPress、Shopify、SquareSpace、Wix、Weebly、その他のCMSプラットフォームの所有者conveythis.comのおかげで、多言語のウェブサイトを展開することができますが、10分以内です。 それはどのように可能ですか?


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