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When you are building a startup, especially in the United States, the cost of acquiring a new customer is astronomically high. Google AdWords charges $2 per click, while ads on Facebook could set you back as much as $30 per acquisition!

This is a big no no for a lean and agile start up as we are trying to be!

So, what’s the alternative? The alternative is to build a referral program and try to acquire new users in a more economical way. The viral marketing at its best.

However, building something successful is a daunting task. You need to under stand what makes your users “tick”. If the cost of your incentive is too low, they will not ignite into a viral boom. In addition, our website translation project is rather niche, so technically, not every user, even a power one, would be able to share this thing.

It’s still new in the process and we don’t know how it will play out. However, by studying some other successful cases from Dropbox affiliate or The Morning Brew, we are adamant that we could nail it down.


Alex Buran

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