How to Translate Videos on Your Website for International Audiences with ConveyThis

Translate videos on your website for international audiences with ConveyThis, leveraging AI for accurate and engaging multimedia content.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
how to translate videos
When you translate your website into new languages: English, Spanish, French, German or even Russian, you have been facing the same issue that we did: replacing videos to match a new language. How would you do that?

This question is answered in the video where we show how to quickly replace one video with the other on your translated website to better match the landing page experience!
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Steps to Translate Videos:

  1. Install ConveyThis on your website.
  2. Open the page where your video is located in the Visual Editor (inside of the dashboard)
  3. Hover over a video until you notice a blue pen.
  4. Click on that pen.
  5. In the popup window, replace the URL to the new video you would like to be loaded instead of the original.
  6. Save changes and refresh the translated page.

That’s it! Now your video on your translated page will be replaced with another, translated video. Thus, your visitors will be excited about it and you will receive a better user experience!

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