UNTAPPED AUDIENCE?! Simple Method To Reach Audiences With No Competition

Simple method of how to reach a new audience on Facebook ads for Shopify dropshipping
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Another great review from a fellow YouTuber. Thanks to Alexander Polischuk!

In this video, I will share with you a simple method of how to reach a new audience on facebook ads for Shopify dropshipping. This one single hack can help you bit your competition and basically target audiences that nobody else is targeting with facebook advertising.

So as an advanced dropshipper or just as a beginner, you are aware that there are many competitors that try to succeed in dropshipping. As we can see there is a huge increase in dropshipping interest and more new people getting into the industry as we speak. High competition does not always mean that it’s a bad thing, it’s actually a good sign that there is money to be made in it. From all the knowledge working on my stores, student stores, and successful dropshipper stores, the one thing in common I saw is that the ones that innovate, differentiate, and think outside the box are the only people that make money in this industry.
This is exactly why, there is no product, niche, or industry saturation, there is a lack of innovation, and outside the box thinking. The beauty niche is one of the most competitive niches in e-commerce, but you can see new best selling products showing up all the time, and the reason for that is because they try to do something different from their competitors, and the ones that try just to copy and paste are the ones that complain that the product is too saturated or Shopify dropshipping is too saturated. One of the most amazing things I saw is that John from VerumEcom has proved all of us wrong when he sold the posture corrector after Gabriel St Germain scaled it and shared his video that got tons of views, and myself when I sold the Christmas leggings a year after Hayden Bowls and Biaheza shared it on their Youtube channels, so you see, nothing is saturated if you take a different approach and think outside the box. Don’t be a sheep that follows the herd, be the one that leads the herd.

So not a while ago I came across this app called ConveyThis, basically what this app does is translating your entire website to any language you want. So you probably say to yourself right now “Wait a minute, that’s it? A translation app? Yes, the translation app! This one simple and small thing as using this app can change your Shopify game completely! Selling to countries in Europe like France, Spain, Germany, etc, can put you in a huge advantage over your competitors. Even back in the days that I was dropshipping on eBay, the main platform ebay US which is ebay.com was super super competitive because that is the biggest market, and everyone that knows decent English could start selling there. So all the almost 4 years I was selling on ebay I was always doing something that others won’t do, which is using different suppliers, using different methods, but the most effective thing I did was switching to a different market to the UK. Even tho it’s still an English audience, not many people thought about it, so I let them fight for the crumbles while I was eating the whole bread 🙂 Now, some of my close friends that were dropshipping on markets like France, Italy, and Germany were making even more money than me, why? Simply because only if you knew the language you could sell there.

Another thing you want to keep in mind, is that as far as go for an e-commerce world, there is a huge untapped market in EU that 99.9% of dropshippers don’t even think about selling them, in a matter of a fact, the vast majority of online consumers that spend the most shopping online are not even English speaking countries, you see what I mean? Even if you sell to all e-packet countries, what you will do? You will choose English all, right? It makes sense if your website is in English and an audience that doesn’t read English will not buy! And this is the exact reason why an app like ConveyThis will put you far ahead of your competitors, and you will basically be selling to an audience that nobody else is selling to. Ohh and I forgot to mention, you can start using this app for free!



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