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How I Conquered France During The Pandemic? – The Magic of Website Translation

When we launched our new automatic audio transcription startup: GGLOT.COM, we implemented a few powerful ideas from the start. We didn’t want to stick with the old paradigms of development: long development, long testing, long marketing. In essence, we wanted to disrupt the audio industry by offering a powerful transcription software but at the fraction of a price of an established industry rates. To accomplish that, we had to think outside of the box: focus on simplicity (no customer support), focus on low price (general appeal), focus on global expansion from day one (using ConveyThis language widget), using Google AdWords to drive traffic from Google in less than 24 hours.

In this useful video, I am going to share everything that we’ve learnt so far and how multilingual website has helped us to increase our conversions by 100%. The French market was successfully penetrated! Which country is next?


Alex Buran

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