How Customizable is WooCommerce?

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Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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As WooCommerce was created specially for helping ecommerces build their stores, there are numerous features and options available for customizing and perfecting your store’s look so you can compete in international markets.

The WooCommerce base is super versatile so you can add many plugins compatible with each other, such as ConveyThis

ConveyThis is a translation plugin that works with lots of possible layouts and does not interfere with other plugins. 

Here are some aspects of user experience and page layout that you should keep in mind when designing your multilingual WooCommerce store and choosing plugins so you can increase your customer base.

Product sorting

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Did you know that sorting your products chronologically is not the only option? There’s no need to display your products in the order you added them in if that doesn’t fit your business style. 

There are many options to choose from with WooCommerce Extra Product Sorting Options like price, popularity, and alphabetically, and you can even choose if you want it in ascending or descending order. These names can also be customized for your shop front.

This plugin is highly focused on all aspects of sorting, including how many items will be displayed per page, and you can even configure the amount of rows and columns. It’s super easy to use and it gives you great control over the user experience.

Information hierarchy

So much can be said about a single product so imagine the amount of information loaded in a store. There has to be a careful and precise way to display it so your store will not look overwhelmed by text and specs. There are several ways of hiding or displaying information as previews, the way to decide the best for your brand is to be aware of how many options are available before choosing:

  • Breadcrumbs: Only show a little information and the way to reach more. The most basic data is shown, like product category. This option helps display the most out of the whole store without focusing too much on a single product.
  • Basic info: This is one of the most popular options as it displays essential information such as price and product name, and it helps with your SEO ratings.
  • Product description and availability: Your customers can now learn more about the product and the site displays information about their stock availability or purchase options.
  • Products with options: The customer can now pick which color, in which size, and how many of the item. There is also a comfortable Add to Cart button for each product.
  • SKU: Display your internal naming scheme for your products.
  • Reviews: Display how your customers have rated the product.
  • Additional information: Tech stores often use this option as it allows them to go into details about the product specs. It’s a lot of information, but all of it is essential in the area.
  • Upsells: This feature allows you to display similar or related products by creating a section such as “People who bought this product also bought”. For example, if you sell laptops, your clients may also be interested in purchasing a sleeve for it.

Cultural adaptation

Remember that visuals are always very loaded with cultural meaning, and different audiences have different expectations of how stores should display their products. 

A clear example is how online stores for Japanese audiences are very rich and full of information, as their audience enjoys and expects lots of text and icons .

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You may have a multilingual website ready with ConveyThis, but you’ll want to seriously consider adapting the images and videos to suit your new audiences better as it will go a long way in making them feel more comfortable in your store, and increase your conversions.

Clear language switch

ConveyThis will translate your entire website in minutes to the languages you choose, it works seamlessly with WordPress and its plugins. With the first layer of automatic translation, you can expand your audience immediately by making it accessible to them thanks to its SEO compatibility. 

Afterwards, you can work on each page individually if you wish to edit, or you can hire an experimented linguist from the ConveyThis team to adapt the translation so it fits better with your brand’s values. Additionally, you can customize your language button.


Currency conversion 

WooCommerce Currency Switcher will help you display the prices in your target audience’s currency with automatic conversion and, if they wish, they can also purchase in the selected currency.

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To sum up

There is a world out there full of options available for those running online stores, the design possibilities are endless and some of the features available can help you improve the user experience.

Ecommerce website design is all about how to showcase your products better and how to make it easy for the customer to find what they are looking for in their language.

Reach new audiences effectively with ConveyThis.



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