How ConveyThis Will Transform Your WordPress Site into a Multilingual Platform

Transform your WordPress site into a multilingual platform with ConveyThis, using AI to provide a seamless and user-friendly translation experience.
Conveythis demo
Conveythis demo
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When thinking about localizing your WordPress website, you would have considered several translation options from your researches. Instead of delaying, start doing something immediately. However, because of the different translation and localization options available around you, you may be having difficulty in selecting which is best for you. Therefore, in this article, we will be dealing with how you can do this by choosing the right option.

It is commendable that you chose WordPress for your site. Possibly, because of the powerful drive it provides in the aspect of content management. WordPress is also simple and easy to use. Interestingly, Mercedes-Benz, Vogue India, ExpressJet, The New York Times, Usain Bolt, Microsoft News Centre, Official Website of Sweden and many other notable companies and people use WordPress for the smooth running of their websites.

ConveyThis for WordPress Offers Stress-free and Ease of Use

It is our general belief at ConveyThis that localizing your website should be stress free, simple and easy to accomplish. To be able to localize your website, simple steps and concepts should be follow. Such concepts are discussed on after the other below:

Use of Visual Editor:

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This feature is a unique part of localization that is usually treasured by users of our platform. The reason is that when you use our Visual Editor, you don’t have to remember all details ranging from where the components are placed to identifying already localized elements and yet to be localized elements because you can see these at an instance of time. Localized images, picture as well as localized graphics can be switched in using not so many clicks. With just a few numbers of clicks, modified Machine Translation can be introduced.

Well-built Management Console:

Because of the powerful way our management console is designed and built, ConveyThis allows you to either input or export various formats. And should there be any need for it, it allows you to navigate such that you can revert existing or initial form of any web page. It has glossary as an integral part that keeps a record of site related expressions and termilogies and as it does this over time, this in-built glossary becomes more intelligent.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly:

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When your website is localized, the best bet is that contents can be found when there is a search or call for it. This ability to be found is very important aspect of website building. When using WordPress with ConveyThis integration, you can achieve this. ConveyThis offers you a special approach known as plug and play. What happens is that plug and play finds a version of your website that is compatible with SEO. This SEO oriented version comprises of all your web components such as metadata, content, URL etc. that may be needed for automatic search indexing in any part of the world such content is searched from. Plug and play plugins are quick and easy to configure.

Tailor your website design and creation towards ecommerce:  

You are building for content that is why you need the best. You can achieve this using WooCommerce translation support that is already incorporated. ConveyThis allows swift exchange of contents in and out the pages. Users’ choice or preference when it comes language will be remember regardless of what page or part of the website the user is navigating; be it the rating and review page, product collection page, contact information page, signup page, products’ homepage etc. This means that on selection of the users’ language choice, the website will consistently stick to the native language that has been used by the users.

Web styling and CSS: for a beautiful web outlook and interface, more is needed. You will have to put in more material and financial efforts and resources to make it looks nice. You can tweak, fine tune and make necessary adjustments to each and every page of your website in all language, regardless of the language you are offering. As a result of this flexibility, each user can browse through your web pages easily and consistently in the language of their choice. From the visual editor panel of your dashboard you can access your styling and CSS. This enables you to customize the style and form of your website. You can adjust the size of your website font to the font of your choice, change the position of contents either to the left or to the right using the padding options, make an adjustment to the margin of your pages, and you can as well restore previously used setting to your page.

We place so much emphasis, care and attention when building and designing our products so that designs of your own website can be enhanced. ConveyThis offers more beyond just using WordPress. We enable you to do things in a simple way, easy medium, sophisticated means and in a stress free manner. This will lighten the burden that comes with sitting down and trying to handle this by yourself.

Reason for Localization

Minding your experience in creating ecommerce website, it is of no use reiterating the point; you can grow your business when you localize your web content because this will spread your business into new markets. Although you have exerted so much efforts in creating and designing your website, yet you can realize plenty Return on Investment (ROI) for a little effort. This is done by pushing forward contents you already have with potential customers, users and/or clients.

One pitfall that has broken many is the assumption that the most important and greatest part of their WordPress site’s localization is the translation part. Do not fall for this because for a fact, translation is just a fringe of your WordPress site like the tip of an iceberg. Although we cannot underestimate the effect of translation in this matter as it is an important feature, yet a good localization needs not only translation but total overhauling. Successful owners of business know this quite well.

To localize your website, you should have a concrete knowledge of both the business background and cultural practices of the sort of market you wants to expand your wings to. This is the major reason ConveyThis offers you the privilege of adding associates, partners or collaborators to your website. So that these members of team, partners, associates or collaborators can review, adjust and make necessary changes to your localized content so as to meet the required standard of the market.

A prominent part, if not the most prominent part, of localization is continuous or ongoing management. As rightfully illustrated above, we mentioned that translation as part of localization is like a tip of an iceberg. The sea or ocean provides foundation or home for an iceberg. Now imagine, will there be an iceberg, talk less of its tip, without an ocean or sea? No. Similarly, translation as well as other features on WordPress are reliant on the ongoing content management.

Total and Continuous Localization Management

ConveyThis helps you with not just continuous localization management of your WordPress website but it does so in its totality. The best localized management system you can use for your WordPress website is ConveyThis. You don’t have to remember all details ranging from where the components are placed to identifying already localized elements and yet to be localized elements because you can see these at an instance of time with the aid of our Visual Editor. As easy as it is when joining pieces of clothe materials together using a needle.

We are well aware that because of the different translation and localization options available around you, you may be having difficulty in selecting which options are best for your business. That is why we have come to your rescue. Users of our products and services as wells as our platform are happy with what we offer. For a few years now, majority of our customers have been consistent with their use of our services and platform. You know why? Simply because we offer the best for our customers. We offer and help them with:

  • What they will love to know about WordPress
  • Strengthens and trains them to do whatever it is they what to do with their website at any time of their choice
  • Allows them to have full control and access over the outlook, interface and functionality of their contents on the online store or site and
  • Develop solid and genuine relationship and web interaction with their site visitors.

When our customers explore all these benefits, visitors of their websites will be willing to stick to them. As a result, the website begins to have people stay longer on it. Therefore, our customers will experience more engagements, have more traffic, enjoy more sales and generate more revenue. This is the reason you should try ConveyThis because before you know it, even from the start, your WordPress site would have been transformed.

If after going through this article you are still having questions and inquiries on how ConveyThis can transform your WordPress website and expand your market in a simple, stress free localization manner, do not hesitate to contact us using [email protected].

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