Learn how to save time and lower costs with ConveyThisTM, the proprietary, real-time translation memory from ConveyThis.

What is a Translation Memory?

A translation memory is a centralized database which stores all the original and translation segments. It acts like a caching layer to quickly reuse the repeating content. This in turn speeds up the website speed and keeps the 3rd party API services vacant. ConveyThis users its own translation memory in order to make the life of our users efficient and recycle all similar content for the future reuse. It is secure and shared only with same tenants who have the ownership of their domains and accounts. Unlike other technical providers, we do no expose our clients memorized contents to other users. This increases our internal costs, but this is the right thing to do. Your data is your data. It's no one else's business.

The more data a translation memory contains, the more effective it is. Thanks to our translation memory, you can ensure the consistency of your content, lower costs, cut down on back-and-forth exchanges and speed up translation times.

How does ConveyThisTM work?

ConveyThisTM recycles all your translated content and counts all the repeated segments. Its unique algorithms enable it to identify and suggest previously translated segments to translators in real time.

ConveyThisTM is an extremely secure SaaS technology. It makes it possible for several translators to work simultaneously on the same project directly in the Cloud.

ConveyThisTM is constantly being enhanced with new functions and can be used as a foundational database to train specialized translation engines.