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How to Add/Remove Admins, Managers and Translators

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If you are on a PRO subscription plan or higher, you have an option to add more users to your account.

ConveyThis recognizes four types of users:

  1. Owners (that’s you)
  2. Admins – that’s someone who can do anything except removing the owner.
  3. Managers – can add/remove translators and access the translations.
  4. Translators – can access the translations only.

How to add/remove them?

  • Click on “Team”
  • Type in the email address under admin, manager or translators.

If the person has a ConveyThis account, they can access your account now and do all the necessary jobs! If they are not registered, they will have to register first! https://app.conveythis.com/account/register/

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