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With so many options to choose from, creating a new website for your business may sound a little overwhelming. Whether you want to promote your products or maybe sell your services through your website, it is important to choose the right platform, the one that meets your business needs and believe it or not, the one that seems to match your brands.

Building a website is much more than getting a domain and hosting service, although that is essential to “exist” in search engines, it is obvious that this new website will represent the image of your brand, this is where regular and potential customers will know about you, what you offer and every single update you may publish. Even the design of your website defines your culture, your brand’s personality and the reason why you’ll be recognized in the future.

Nowadays, the platforms offer several features that would help you build the ideal website, portfolio, e-commerce store or blog for your business. These platforms are where creativity flows and the website you create is where your customers will interact with you.

Some of the most popular ones are:


2) Constant Contact Website Builder

3) Gator

4) Blogger

5) Tumblr

6) Medium

7) Squarespace

9) Wix

9) Ghost

When we talk about the proper platform, we need it to be easy to use, intuitive and affordable. Each day more and more integrations are included in the menu to edit the websites, drag and drop abilities, in-page editing, analytics, templates, modules, apps, custom domains, Gmail, and responsive websites. Here are some of the platforms I have been able to experience myself.

WordPress gives you a chance to create a free website a little limited when it comes to edition but once you choose your template, you can edit the header image, logo, fonts, some colors of you background, add pictures, edit widgets according to your needs and much more. This is definitely one of my favorite platforms.
Screenshot 2020 06 12 19.53.38

Wix is a very useful platform for those who want to edit literally everything, not only the templates are organized by category, depending on your type of business but it also has a great menu to edit details on each page. This was the first platform I tried and I highly recommend it.
Screenshot 2020 06 12 19.55.38Screenshot 2020 06 12 19.55.38

Tumblr was one of the first platforms I checked when I was trying to decide the one that would fit my blogging needs. I must admit I’m still learning to use their editing menu but it has worked perfectly so far.
Screenshot 2020 06 12 19.58.19

Squarespace has been used for Uber’s latest project, UberEats, using Squarespace for their app lander. A 100% responsive platform ready to use.


For those who haven’t tried these platforms world, I encourage you to check each website and compare the features they offer. Personally, I don’t consider every platform would be the ideal one for a blog or portfolio, although you may find good templates to share your information and updates. When it comes to translating your website, a free translation service software such as ConveyThis is one of the best options to go from a local store to an international business.



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