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ConveyThis x WiX – Worldwide-Accessible Website in 10 Minutes

Hi there!

Today we are happy to announce that ConveyThis is now officially has it’s JavaScript widget for WiX websites.

This website builder is one of the leading drag&drop editors today. With its help you can easily create your own website without any background in web development.  And ConveyThis will bring you to the foreign markets as easily as you couldn’t even imagine.

To help you get all the benefits from the combination of these two powerful tools we’ve made this special tutorial about how easy is using ConveyThis with WiX and start getting new customers from all over the world.

Watch the video and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoy it!

So join ConveyThis and WiX and start selling today.

Download the latest version of the plugin here: ConveyThis Translate


Alex Buran

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